Startup India: Incubator, Seed Fund, Venture Capital, Unicorn Guide

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01 Dec 2022 | Updated On 19 Feb 2023
Startup India: Incubator, Seed Fund, Venture Capital, Unicorn Guide Startup India: Incubator, Seed Fund, Venture Capital, Unicorn Guide

Startup Growth Kit by TICE.NEWS

The focus of the Modi government on the startup economy and entrepreneurship is a promise to make India the world's largest economy. Job creation is at the heart of encouraging, incubating, and funding small and medium entrepreneurs under the Startup India mission.

What is a Startup? 

The journey of any startup story has four elements - talent, idea, capital, and entrepreneurship or TICE. But to get the benefits of various government schemes a startup business must be registered and recognised by the government of India. So a startup can be any small or medium business that has been recognised by the DPIIT. Click to register: Startup Registration Form

Startup Scenario in India 

India is headed towards becoming third largest economy in the world. And the intention of Modi government is to make India world’s largest economy, thus transforming India to a developed nation from developing nation, creating new entrepreneurs and business is key to that goal. Startup scene India is very promising as India hosts thirds biggest number of startups after the US and China. Having the third largest startup ecosystem with over 90,000 startups and over 100 unicorns. These Unicorns and other Unicorns in making are being supported and driven by various Digital India initiatives. 

One of the main reasons for the growth of the Startup scene in India is the country's large and young population, which provides a large pool of talent and consumers. India also has a rapidly growing middle class, which has increased demand for goods and services and provides a large market for Startups to tap into. Click and Read More Read More - 

What Makes India A Vibrant Startup Country? 

Unicorns is a common term! But what is a minicorn? What are a soonicorn or decacorn and hectocorn? Read this detailed article by TICE to Know this! Click and Read More Read More - 

What Are The Different 'Corns' In The Startup World?

The Startup Map Of India  

A remarkable and definite trend is shaping up in India’s startup story. Tier 2 cities are moving fast to catch up with cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. TICE brings you compelling evidence to show this. Click and Read More Read More - 

Tier 2 towns that will soon catch up with Delhi & Mumbai as Startup Hubs

From agri-tech to healthcare and medical devices, these startups are disrupting the business conducted and creating jobs and opportunities for millions of people in their local communities. Click and Read More - 

Tier II & III Startups make a splash at National Startup Awards

Sikkim startup ecosystem is rapidly growing. Innovative solutions to real-world challenges are leading to the success of startups. From Atal Incubation Centre to Sikkim Skilled Youth Startup Scheme Points, the government is also supporting the startups in the state. Click and Read More - 

Startup Sikkim: Innovative Solutions to Real-World Challenges

A silent revolution is brewing on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra. The state of Assam is witnessing the rise of startups that are as diverse as they are innovative. Click and Read More -

Momos to Waste Management: The Diverse Startup Landscape of Assam

Tamil Nadu government adds to the startup legacy in the state by launching Global Tamil Angels. From Zoho, Caratlane to Agnikul and Pando, the state is home to over 2,700 registered startups. Know the startup story of Tamil Nadu. Click and Read More - 

From Reel Hero to Real-Life Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu

This year (2022), Karnataka has attracted an astounding Rs 1.60 lakh crore in FDI, which is more than half of what flowed into the entire country. Click and Read More - 

Karnataka Outshines Its Peers At National Startup Awards! 

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Government Seed Fund Schemes for startups

India's startup story has arguably been one of the most significant economic revolutions in recent memory. It is only through encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation that the country is moving more and more of its population towards middle the and upper-middle class from the lower rungs.  

This novel strategic economic approach has already lifted millions of people out of poverty. 

It is being achieved through various schemes and policies. The Startup India mission is mainly driven by – Department of Science and Technology (DST), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) etc. 

Incubation centres run by these departments and ministries are helping, guiding and funding some of the greatest startups in India. – Read More … 

While we talk about the success stories of startups and emerging unicorns, who mostly start with an advantage - getting the right environment to grow, we often miss talking about the disadvantaged startups, who don't get even the basic resources. Click and Read More - 

Startup Seed Fund Schemes of India 

DPIIT has recognized 56 startup sectors in India including advertising, agriculture, animation, IT services, human resources, logistics, real estate, sports, technology hardware, toys and games, waste management, and so on. Click and Read More - 

Which are the Five Most Popular Startup Sectors in India?

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