Shepreneur Shakti: How Logistics Industry is Adapting Gender Diversity

Curious about how the logistics industry is embracing gender diversity? Explore insights from the Shepreneur Shakti series as it delves into this transformative journey with iThink Logistics founder, Zaiba Sarang. Watch the full story on TICE TV!

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As the world gaers up to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, the spotlight shines on the challenges and triumphs of women in various industries and TICE is excited to launch its 2024 edition of highly anticipated video series, Sheprenuer Shakti. This series celebrates the power of women in the startup and entrepreneur world by featuring interviews with eight inspiring female entrepreneurs.

Making Shipping Service Convenient For Everyone!

In the male-dominated landscape of entrepreneurship and logistics, Zaiba Sarang stands as a beacon of empowerment, leading the charge with her innovative startup, iThink Logistics. Women entrepreneurs often face unique hurdles on their journey to success. In the logistics industry, traditionally dominated by men, these challenges can be particularly daunting. However, Zaiba Sarang, founder of iThink Logistics, has defied the odds and carved her niche in this competitive sector. How she, along with her two co-founders, managed to establish a business across 26,000+ pin codes in the country? Hear from her as she gets into an exclusive interview with TICE.

Zaiba shared insights into her journey as a female entrepreneur. She emphasized the importance of supportive co-founders and a gender-neutral work environment, highlighting iThink Logistics' commitment to equality and inclusion.

Watch the Full Episode Of ‘Shepreneur Shakti’ With Zaiba Sarang, Co-founder iThink Logistics On TICE TV

iThink Logistics, a pioneering shipping software in India, has transformed the logistics landscape with its services reaching over 26,000 pin codes across the nation. The company's success story is not only about revolutionizing the logistics industry but also about breaking gender barriers in entrepreneurship.

Her journey from a student of computer science to a visionary entrepreneur in the logistics industry...

Zaiba's journey began in 2011 after graduating with a BSc in computer science. Alongside her co-founders, she ventured into the tech industry, laying the foundation for her entrepreneurial endeavors. Despite initial success, the team encountered setbacks in the e-commerce sector due to logistical challenges. This experience propelled them to create iThink Logistics, a platform bridging the gap between e-commerce sellers and logistic partners.

Future of AI & Shipping

One of the key aspects of iThink Logistics is its integration of AI in shipping, optimizing route planning and logistics partner selection for efficient deliveries. Zaiba explained how their platform assists sellers in choosing the right logistic partner, thereby enhancing the overall shipping experience.

Reflecting on the challenges faced as a female entrepreneur, Zaiba underscored the significance of expertise and knowledge over gender. She emphasized the changing landscape where opportunities for women entrepreneurs are expanding, citing programs tailored for women's empowerment in the startup ecosystem.

Furthermore, Zaiba emphasized iThink Logistics' commitment to gender inclusivity within the organization. The company implements policies such as period leave and remote work options to support female employees, ensuring representation at all levels of the organization.

Looking ahead, Zaiba shared iThink Logistics' vision beyond mere financial milestones like becoming a unicorn. The focus remains on creating value for customers and stakeholders while fostering sustainability in the logistics industry.

She discussed initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable packaging, aligning with global efforts for environmental conservation. With a team of 200 employees and expanding international services, iThink Logistics is poised for continued growth under Zaiba's leadership.

Their mission to empower domestic sellers and promote 'Make in India' products on the global stage exemplifies their dedication to innovation and inclusivity. As Zaiba Sarang and iThink Logistics pave the way for gender diversity and sustainability in entrepreneurship, their story serves as inspiration for aspiring female leaders and changemakers in the logistics industry and beyond.

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