Shepreneur Shakti: Providing Scholarships In Return of NFT Art!

The 'Shepreneur Shakti' series is a tribute to women entrepreneurs who have created their own unique niche in the Startup ecosystem. Watch the story of Ritika Kumar, a female entrepreneur disrupting the STEM Space.

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Shepreneur Shakti STEM Metaverse Female Entrepreneur Starup

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TICE is excited to roll out the latest episode of April edition its highly anticipated video series, "Sheprenuer Shakti"

This episode features a female entrepreneur who has shown immense courage and determination in leading a startup in the STEM space. 

The EdTech Disruptor: Providing Affordable STEM Education To Students

Ritika Kumar, the Co-founder and CEO of "STEM Metaverse", has taken her venture to great heights of success, despite the challenges of running a business in STEM field. Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey and learn how she overcame the odds to create a one of its kind of edtech platform.

The STEM Metaverse is a platform that revolutionises learning, making it a true experience. It covers courses on Critical thinking, Problem Solving, Leadership, Math, Mental Health, Robotics, Programming, English, Diplomacy, and Performing Arts. 

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Watch the Full Episode Of ‘Shepreneur Shakti’ With Ritika Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, STEM Metaverse

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