It's Bharat's Turn: PM Modi To Inaugurate GPAI Summit

PM Modi will inaugurate the GPAI Summit 2023 on Dec 12. Explore how Bharat Mandapam hosts experts, spotlights startups, and balances innovation with regulation to drive responsible AI development on a worldwide scale. Read on.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the much-awaited Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) being hosted in the national capital from December 12-14, 2023. The summit will address critical aspects of AI, including responsible AI, data governance, the future of work, and innovation and commercialization.


The three-day Summit will be held at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 

In a LinkedIn post, PM Modi said,We live in interesting times and making it even more interesting is AI, which has a positive impact on tech, innovation, healthcare, education, agriculture and more.

"I want to invite you all to a fascinating programme which celebrates strides in AI and innovation - the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023! The summit will begin on 12th December. I am confident you would love being a part of a vibrant platform as this.

We are living in a very interesting time period.

Decades of fast-paced innovation and the power of human endeavour have brought to life what was once considered to be only in the realm of imagination.

In this whirlwind of rapid advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one area where its applications are expanding at an exponential rate.

This revolutionary technology is now in the hands of a new generation – young, brilliant minds who are swiftly enriching its vast potential.

India, as one of the youngest nations with a vibrant start-up ecosystem and a talented workforce, is poised to be an active contributor to the evolution of AI as the world leaps into a not-so-distant future.

India offers solutions that are scalable, secure, affordable, sustainable, and replicable on a global scale. India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) initiative is a prime example of such pioneering efforts.

In the last 9-10 years, India and its citizens have leap-frogged with the help of technology. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that India achieved, in a matter of few years, what took other countries a generation. This was possible through the fast-paced penetration of mobiles along with internet connectivity and scalable models for digital inclusion.

Similarly, in the field of AI, India is looking to take a giant leap to empower its citizens.

Be it serving citizens in their language,

be it making education easier and personalised,

be it making healthcare more accessible,

be it making agriculture more informed,

India is using AI for various productive purposes.

The world today is witnessing that…

When India grows, it does so to ensure an equitable and inclusive model of growth.

When India innovates, it does so to ensure that no one is left behind.

When India leads, it does so to ensure that it can take everyone along towards the goal of the greater good.

With the same spirit in the realm of AI, India's approach has been to enable a universal understanding and a conducive environment, steering the use of AI towards the betterment of humanity.

For AI enthusiasts and stakeholders, the GPAI Summit Expo provides a unique opportunity to witness cutting-edge innovations and collaborations that will define the next era of artificial intelligence.

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, is the Lead Council Chair for the summit. The event aims to guide the responsible development and use of AI worldwide, emphasizing principles such as human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation, and economic growth.

GPAI Summit in New Delhi: Fostering International Cooperation

The GPAI Summit, scheduled to take place in New Delhi from December 12 to 14, 2023, serves as a global convergence of minds and expertise from science, industry, civil society, governments, international organizations, and academia. The summit will address critical aspects of AI, including responsible AI, data governance, the future of work, and innovation and commercialization.

GPAI: A Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for Cutting-Edge AI Development

GPAI stands as a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together leading experts from diverse fields to bridge the gap between AI theory and practice. Comprising 28 Member Countries and the European Union, GPAI focuses on supporting cutting-edge research and applied activities related to AI priorities. India, a founding member since 2020, now assumes a leadership role, showcasing its commitment to shaping the global AI landscape.

GPAI Summit Expo: A Platform for AI Startups

For AI startups eager to participate in the GPAI Summit Expo, the MeitY invites applications through a provided form. Notably, expo charges are waived off for startups, providing an unparalleled opportunity for them to showcase their innovations on a global stage.

GPAI Summit Highlights: Deepfake, Future of AI, and More

More than 200 experts and speakers, along with representatives from 29 member countries, will participate in the GPAI Summit. The event will delve into the ethical, regulatory, and developmental dimensions of Artificial Intelligence, with a specific focus on emerging challenges like deepfake technology.

India's Strategic Approach: Balancing Innovation and Regulation

India is keen and commitment to maintain a balance between innovation and regulation. The goal is to ensure that AI solutions are developed without causing harm, aligning with India's global stance as showcased in influential forums like the G7, G20, OECD, UN, and the recent AI Safety Summit held in the UK.

Massive AI Expo: Showcasing India's Commitment to AI Advancements

The GPAI Summit in New Delhi will feature a massive AI Expo, providing a platform for over 150 startups across sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, education, manufacturing, robotech, and drones. This initiative underscores India's dedication to harnessing AI for societal advancement while upholding a robust regulatory framework.

GPAI Summit Aligns with India's National AI Strategy

The GPAI Summit aligns seamlessly with India's national AI strategy, emphasizing responsible AI deployment, safety, security, and trust in AI systems. MeitY Chief [Name] reiterated India's commitment to forging partnerships, signing ministerial declarations, and engaging in bilateral meetings to foster global consensus on AI governance and innovation.

As India assumes a leadership role in GPAI, the upcoming summit in New Delhi will be a landmark event, shaping the future of AI development on a global scale. 

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