From Talk to Action: PM Modi Highlights Achievements of India's G20 Presidency

Explore the transformative journey of India's G20 Presidency under PM Modi, shifting global focus to inclusivity and sustainable development. As the baton passes to Brazil, key achievements and impactful initiatives are highlighted in the article. Read on

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As India completes its 365 days at the helm of the G20 Presidency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to the podium to mark this milestone. Emphasizing the importance of unity and shared responsibility, PM Modi's speech underscored the theme of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,' translating to 'One Earth, One Family, One Future.'


Challenges Faced and Vision Unveiled

When India assumed the G20 Chair, the world faced a myriad of challenges - from recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic to grappling with climate threats, financial instability, and escalating conflicts. In response, India sought to reshape the global conversation, advocating for a shift from GDP-centric to human-centric progress and pushing for fundamental reforms in multilateralism.

PM Modi said, “As we undertook this responsibility last year, the global landscape grappled with multifaceted challenges: recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, looming climate threats, financial instability, and debt distress in developing nations, all amid declining multilateralism. In the midst of conflicts and competition, development cooperation suffered, impeding progress.


Inclusivity at the Core

Inclusivity emerged as the cornerstone of India's G20 Presidency. The inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member expanded the dialogue to encompass 80% of the global population. Initiatives like the 'Voice of the Global South Summit' highlighted a new era of multilateralism where developing countries play a pivotal role in shaping the global narrative.

Domestically, India's 'People's Presidency' engaged 1.4 billion citizens through "Jan Bhagidari" events, aligning with G20's broader developmental aims and mandates.


PM Modi, in his speech, said, “Inclusive, ambitious, action- oriented, and decisive — these four words defined our approach as G20 president, and the New Delhi Leaders' Declaration (NDLD), unanimously adopted by all G20 members, is testimony to our commitment to deliver on these principles.

Inclusivity has been at the heart of our presidency. The inclusion of the African Union (AU) as a permanent member of the G20 integrated 55 African nations into the forum, expanding it to encompass 80% of the global population. This proactive stance has fostered a more comprehensive dialogue on global challenges and opportunities.

Action-Oriented Progress

The G20 2023 Action Plan to Accelerate Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) showcased India's commitment to an inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented, and decisive approach. The plan addressed interconnected issues such as health, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability at the midpoint of the 2030 Agenda.


India's push for Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) resulted in the creation of the DPI Repository, featuring over 50 DPIs from 16 countries, facilitating global technological collaboration and inclusive growth.

At the critical midpoint of the 2030 Agenda, India delivered the G20 2023 Action Plan to Accelerate Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), taking a cross-cutting, action-oriented approach to interconnected issues, including health, education, gender equality and environmental sustainability,” PM Modi said.

One Earth, Ambitious Goals


Under the theme of 'One Earth,' India introduced the 'Green Development Pact' and called for a tripling of global renewable energy capacity by 2030. The establishment of the Global Biofuels Alliance and advocacy for Green Hydrogen signaled a commitment to building a cleaner, greener world.

The Declaration also underscored India's commitment to climate justice, calling for substantial financial and technological support from the Global North, recognizing the need for trillions of dollars to fulfill Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) by 2030.

A Global Commitment to Gender Equality


The Declaration placed a strong emphasis on gender equality, culminating in the formation of a dedicated Working Group on the Empowerment of Women in the following year. India's Women's Reservation Bill 2023, reserving one-third of parliamentary and state legislative assembly seats for women, exemplified the nation's commitment to women-led development.

 A Legacy of Achievements

The New Delhi Declaration encapsulated a renewed spirit of collaboration, resulting in 87 outcomes and 118 adopted documents during India's G20 Presidency, a marked rise from previous years. Deliberations led by India addressed geopolitical issues impacting economic growth and development, with a resolute stance against terrorism and the senseless killing of civilians.

A Vision for the Future

India and Brazil

As India passes the G20 Presidency baton to Brazil, PM Modi expressed confidence in the collective steps taken for people, planet, peace, and prosperity resonating for years to come. The extraordinary achievements during India's Presidency revitalized multilateralism, amplified the voice of the Global South, championed development, and fought for the empowerment of women on a global scale.

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