Why Will Modi Win 2024 General Elections? Insights in PEW Research!

Unveiling international favorability towards India and Prime Minister Modi, the survey indicates a strong global image aligning with domestic popularity, setting the stage for a triumphant 2024 electoral outcome

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Amidst the gathering of global leaders for the annual G20 Summit, New Delhi stands as its vibrant backdrop, drawing the world's attention to India. In this ever-shifting landscape of international relations, public opinions about countries assume a central role in shaping diplomatic engagements, trade alliances, and worldwide narratives. A recent survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center, casts a revealing light on how India is perceived across 23 nations. The findings not only provide valuable insights into the global image of the country and its political leadership but also offer an insightful lens into Prime Minister Narendra Modi's prospects in the upcoming 2024 General Elections.

Modi's Favorability and the Electoral Landscape

The survey, which reached more than 30,000 respondents across 24 countries, including India, unveils a complex tapestry of opinions. It paints a generally favorable outlook on India, with 46% of adults expressing positive views and 34% holding a contrary opinion. Against this backdrop, Prime Minister Modi's favorability assumes significance. An astounding 80% of Indians view Modi favorably, out of which 55% hold a highly favorable opinion, while 20% maintain an unfavorable view. This overwhelming support underscores his stature within the Indian political landscape.

PEW Research Points to Modi's Triumph in 2024 Polls

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Considering the impending 2024 general elections, it's intriguing to analyze the implications of the Pew research. While the majority of foreign affairs experts scrutinize the study's implications on global relations, a parallel perspective emerges regarding Modi's political trajectory. In parallel to India's positive international image, Modi's domestic favorability carries substantial weight. With an impressive 80% approval rating among Indians, including a resounding 55% expressing a deeply favorable opinion, Modi's resonance with the populace remains undeniable.

Modi's Popularity Surges at Home, Echoes Worldwide

The survey delves further, exploring whether Modi has bolstered national pride and enhanced India's global standing. Impressively, around 70% of Indians believe that the nation's global influence has expanded in recent years, contrasting starkly with the 19% who perceive a decline and the 13% who perceive no change. In comparison to 2022 data from 19 countries, the rise in India's perceived global influence is noteworthy. Notably, this sentiment is more pronounced among supporters of the ruling parties, particularly Modi's BJP, with 77% envisioning India's rise, compared to 60% among non-supporters. Gender also plays a role, with 71% of men and 65% of women leaning towards this positive perspective.

Upon closer analysis of the subset of responses from 12 countries regarding Prime Minister Modi, a divergence emerges. While 37% express confidence in his leadership, 40% hold a contrary view. This polarity highlights the intricate dynamics surrounding both India as a nation and its leadership on the international stage. Interestingly, outside of India, Modi's popularity is relatively subdued, with only 37% displaying confidence in his foreign policy decisions. Notably, the degree of trust varies widely across nations, ranging from a high of 60% in Kenya to a mere 12% in Argentina.

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Changing European Attitudes and India's Global Perceptions

The research also uncovers shifting perceptions of India in Europe. Over time, favorable opinions of India have waned by around 10 percentage points or more across five European nations. This trend is particularly evident in France, where favorability dropped from 70% in 2008 to 39% currently. This evolving viewpoint also reflects in the willingness of French adults to express their opinions on India.

India's Unique Stance on Russia, the United States, and China

India's perspectives on other global powers also stand out. The nation holds an overwhelmingly positive view of Russia, with 57% viewing the country favorably, a stark contrast to the median of 14% across 22 countries. Conversely, India's views on China diverge significantly. It's the only middle-income country surveyed where a majority holds unfavorable opinions of China, illustrating the intricate geopolitics of the region.

General Elections 2024: Aayega Toh Modi Hi?

In the context of the upcoming 2024 General Elections, the Pew Research Center's survey not only offers insights into the delicate balance between international perceptions and domestic politics but also underscores the potency of Brand Modi. India's favorable global image aligns with its growing prominence, while Prime Minister Modi's popularity at home and varying reception abroad exemplify the nuances of global diplomacy. With an overwhelming 80% approval rating, the survey implies a resounding "Aayega Toh Modi Hi" (Modi will come). This not only solidifies Brand Modi but also reinforces global leaders' confidence in their investments in the Modi government's initiatives.


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