G20 DIA: See How PM Modi Celebrates Digital India Revolution?

What are the key milestones of Digital India Scheme? How Digital India Scheme has helped India to become a strong economy? PM answers these questions in his recent address at G20 Digital Economy Ministers' meeting. Read on to know!

Shreshtha Verma
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 G20 DIA PM Modi Celebrates Digital India Revolution

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a remarkable address to the G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ meeting, emphasized India's impressive strides in digital transformation, showcasing the nation's widespread access to affordable internet services and the comprehensive success of the Digital India initiative. The event, held via video message, illuminated the monumental changes that have transpired in India's digital landscape over the past nine years.


Digital India Initiative Ignites a Remarkable Transformation

In his address to the G20 Digital Economy Ministers' meeting, Prime Minister Modi illuminated the awe-inspiring journey that India has embarked upon through the Digital India initiative launched in 2015. This visionary initiative has paved the way for a profound digital revolution, enabling a rapid and widespread shift towards digital services and connectivity, as evidenced by the staggering number of 850 million internet users within the nation. The Prime Minister's remarks eloquently underscored the immense scale, remarkable speed, and unparalleled scope of India's digital metamorphosis.

Harnessing Technology for Governance and Beyond


Highlighting India's prowess in harnessing technology to revolutionize governance, Prime Minister Modi eloquently articulated the transformation brought about by the Aadhaar system and the triumphant synergy of the Jan Dhan bank accounts, Aadhaar, and Mobile (JAM) trinity. This holistic approach has led to the groundbreaking success of the Direct Benefits Transfer program, systematically eliminating inefficiencies and leakages within the system. Moreover, the Prime Minister lauded the advent of fully digitized taxation systems, applauding their role in fostering transparency and advancing e-governance.

Towards a Transparent and Fair Digital Ecosystem

In the spirit of fostering global collaboration, Prime Minister Modi expressed his contentment with the efforts of the working group in establishing a G20 virtual Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository. This crucial step resonates with his vision of a digital ecosystem characterized by transparency, accountability, and equity. The Common Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure, emphasized by the Prime Minister, offers a promising pathway to achieve this goal, ensuring that every stakeholder benefits from a just and inclusive digital environment.


Security and Resilience in the Digital Age

Recognizing the inherent challenges and security threats accompanying the digital economy's growth, Prime Minister Modi stressed the need for consensus-building around the G20 High-Level Principles for a Secure, Trusted, and Resilient Digital Economy. His emphasis on security underscored the importance of nurturing a secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem, where individuals, businesses, and governments can collaborate without fear or apprehension.

Empowering Nari Shakti and Ensuring Financial Inclusion


Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi celebrated a significant milestone in India's journey towards financial inclusion. Commending the accomplishment of over 50 crore (500 million) Jan Dhan accounts, the Prime Minister highlighted the remarkable role played by women, or Nari Shakti, in this achievement. With a resounding 67% of these accounts established in rural and semi-urban areas, India's dedication to ensuring that the fruits of financial inclusion reach every corner of the nation was unmistakably evident.

Prime Minister Modi's address to the G20 Digital Economy Ministers’ meeting radiated India's monumental achievements in digital transformation. Through the Digital India initiative, the nation has evolved into a dynamic digital force, enabling equitable access to digital services, fostering transparency, and nurturing a secure digital ecosystem. The combination of visionary leadership, technological innovation, and unwavering commitment has paved the way for India's triumphant journey towards a digital future.

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