Let's Build An India Where Every Woman Is Empowered: President To Startups

President Draupadi Murmu applauds women-led startups during a historic interaction at Rashtrapati Bhavan, praising their transformative contributions to India's third-largest startup ecosystem. Read the article to know all the details.

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President With The People

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"We should resolve to work together to build an India where every woman is empowered and every young woman moves forward with confidence to fulfil her dreams." These are the words spoken by President Droupadi Murmu to the women startup founders.

President Murmu

In a historic interaction at Rashtrapati Bhavan today, President Draupadi Murmu lauded the innovative efforts of young women-led start-ups, attributing them to India's current position as the third-largest startup ecosystem globally. The President engaged with a group of women founders and co-founders representing leading startups and unicorns during the meeting, organized under the initiative "The President with the People." This initiative aims to establish a deeper connection with the citizens of the country and acknowledge their significant contributions to various fields.

Transformative Contributions of Women Entrepreneurs

President Murmu highlighted the transformative impact of women entrepreneurs on the Indian business environment. Emphasizing the importance of the 'Startup India' program, she commended the women for playing a pivotal role in harnessing the potential of the youth and fortifying the entrepreneurial landscape in the nation. India now boasts a staggering 1,17,000 start-ups, including over 100 unicorns, a testament to the success of the program.

“These women entrepreneurs have changed the Indian business environment,” said the President.

Women Startupreneurs: Inspiring a Nation

During the interaction, the President expressed how the journey and achievements of these women entrepreneurs serve as a source of inspiration, particularly for women and youth. From tech startups to social enterprises, their diverse range of work showcases the multifaceted capabilities of Indian women in entrepreneurship.

President Murmu underscored that their contributions extend beyond economic development; they have shattered traditional barriers and paved the way for empowerment in future generations.

"their journey and achievements as entrepreneurs are a source of inspiration for the people, especially women and youth. From tech start-ups to social enterprises, their work gives an impressive insight into the diverse dimensions of Indian women's capabilities in the world of entrepreneurship. She said that their contribution is not limited to economic development. They have broken traditional barriers and shown the path of empowerment to future generations. They are the architect of an inclusive economic future in which the path to progress is paved not on the basis of gender but on the basis of talent and ambition," said the President.

Architects of Inclusive Economic Future

Addressing the broader societal impact, President Murmu stated that these women are not just business leaders; they are the harbingers of change. They serve as role models for millions of young women aspiring to progress and develop. Their success, she noted, contributes to building an inclusive economic future, where progress is determined by talent and ambition rather than gender.

A Call for Empowerment

The President urged women entrepreneurs to identify and support other enterprising women on their journey to empowerment. She emphasized that many women aspire to financial independence but lack guidance on the path to achieve this goal. The success of these women should create a ripple effect, inspiring success stories from every corner of the country.

 President Murmu called for collective efforts to build an India where every woman is empowered, and young women confidently pursue their dreams.

"We should resolve to work together to build an India where every woman is empowered and every young woman moves forward with confidence to fulfil her dreams," said President Murmu.

Entrepreneurs React: Ghazal Alagh of MamaEarth

Ahead of the meeting, Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder of MamaEarth, expressed her excitement through a tweet, mentioning the honor of meeting President Murmu.

Post-meeting, she tweeted, "It was an honor to meet you today, President madam. This partnership between the government and startups is further going to fuel the #thegreatindiandream."

Ghazal shared a screenshot of the invitation from the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), expressing her awe at the evolving respect for entrepreneurs in the New India.

The meeting with President Murmu served as a platform for these women entrepreneurs to not only share their accomplishments but also to inspire a new wave of aspirants across the nation. As India's start-up ecosystem continues to thrive, the role of women entrepreneurs in shaping its trajectory remains indispensable.

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