Enticing Sunday: Shrepreneurs Shine, Zerodha's Deepfake Warning & More

How Indian MSME sector has performed in 2023? What Zerodha and other startups are doing to tackle deepfake? What's the ongoing controversy at Religare? Check out all these latest updates form Indian Startup Ecosystem in this enticing newsletter.

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Enticing Sunday Women Led MSME Religare Zerodha Deepfake Warning

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Religare Controversy: Burmans' Launch Big Takeover Bid for Religare!

The Burmans, the primary shareholders and promoters of Dabur, an Indian multinational consumer goods company, are making an all-out effort to seize control of Religare Services Limited (REL), a leading diversified financial servicescompany. REL found itself embroiled in controversy since October 2019, following the incarceration of beleaguered Ranbaxy promoter-brothers Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh in a Delhi court. They stand accused of causing a 'wrongful loss' amounting to 2,397 crore to one of the subsidiary companies within the group.

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How Indian MSME Sector Has Performed In 2023? Let's Take A Look!

MSEMs, or micro, small and medium enterprises, have always been an important pillar of India's GDP. If we look at the data from recent years, MSMEs have significantly contributed to economy in multiple ways such as employement generation, export promotion, regional development, income generation etc. 

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MSME Sector Performance 2023 Udyam Portal

Zerodha CEO Has A DeepFake Warning for Banks & Financial Institutions

In an era dominated by technological advancements, the financial services industry finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with an emerging menace that threatens the very fabric of trust and security—Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DeepFake videos. As financial institutions worldwide race towards digitization, the ill-potential of AI-driven manipulation, particularly through DeepFake technology, has cast a shadow over the industry's safeguards.

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Threats of AI

J&K Startups: SC Verdict on Article 370 Feels Like A Wow

On December 11, 2023, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark unanimous verdict upholding the validity of the Centre's 2019 decision to abrogate Article 370 from the Constitution, thereby revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. This decision has had profound implications, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizing the transformative impact on the region, ushering in an era of development, democracy, and dignity.

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Shepreneurs Shine: How Women Led MSMEs Are Growing In India?

In a significant stride towards gender inclusivity and economic empowerment, the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has witnessed a remarkable surge in the share of women entrepreneurs within the MSME sector. According to data unveiled by Minister of State Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma during a written reply to the Rajya Sabha, the number of women-owned MSMEs registered on the government’s Udyam portal has reached a notable 1.17 crore, constituting a substantial 37.13% of the total 3.16 crore MSMEs registered since the portal's launch on July 1, 2020, post-Covid.

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Shepreneurs Shine Indian Women Led MSME New Milestones

Infinity & Beyond: India's Space Startups in a Billion-Dollar Orbit

India's startup ecosystem is experiencing an unprecedented boom, transcending various sectors, including the critical domain of space. Acknowledging the pivotal role of startups in the space sector, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh revealed that private investments in space startups have surged beyond Rs. 1,000 crore in the current fiscal year, marking a remarkable ascent from just one startup in 2014 to a staggering 190 today.

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Space startups

How SINE at IIT Bombay Fosters the New Wave of Techpreneurs?

In the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, incubators serve as vital catalysts for transforming the innovative concepts into thriving businesses. Innovation, the driving force behind progress, often finds its roots in academic institutions where bright minds conceive groundbreaking ideas. Recognizing the need to nurture these seeds of innovation, incubation centers become essential in providing the necessary support and resources for these ideas to flourish.

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Startup Magic: Reshaping India's Tier 2 City Dynamics

In a departure from the traditional chicken-and-egg dilemma, India is experiencing a remarkable surge in development within its tier 2 cities. Once caught in the cycle of hesitancy—where towns lacked infrastructure due to the absence of companies and vice versa—today, these cities are witnessing a development boom that rivals many Tier 1 counterparts.

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Back to Roots

Circular Challenge: AIM Calls Aussie Startups To Expand in India

The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) has opened its doors to Australian science-based startups looking to expand their horizons in India. The India-Australia RISE Accelerator Programme, a collaborative effort between AIM and Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, is the focal point of this invitation. The program zeroes in on environment and climate technologies, presenting a unique opportunity for startups with a circular economy focus.

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AIM's Circular Challenge

Decoding India's Tech Pulse: India's 2023 Funding Report Card

The Indian tech startup ecosystem has experienced a substantial decrease in funding this year, recording a total of $7 billion compared to the previous year's $25 billion. This marks a significant decline of 72%, making it the least funded year in the last five years. According to Tracxn Geo's quarterly report, the last quarter (Q4) particularly stands out, securing the lowest funding to date at $957 million. This makes Q4 the least funded quarter since Q3 2016.

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The Tech Turbulance

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