Unleashing Innovation: Hack2Skill's Journey in Transforming Tech Community

Hack2Skill fosters innovation and collaboration among startups, professionals, & students. Founder Samkit Sharma shares the journey, and encourages developers to explore opportunities.

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In the dynamic world of startups, where innovation knows no bounds, "The Open Innovator"  featuring on TICE, brings remarkable journeys of visionary entrepreneurs who are shaping the future. In the latest edition of this series, we bring you the story of Hack2skill, that has not only captured the hearts of tech enthusiasts but has also facilitated a community of flag-bearers who are driven by their passion for learning.

Recently, on the "Open Innovator Show," our trusted technology guide, Naman Kothari, had the privilege of sitting down with Samkit Sharma to discuss Hack2Skill's journey and its impact on the tech community. .

What does Hack2Skill do?

Samkit Sharma begins by emphasizing Hack2Skill's role in nurturing budding entrepreneurs, innovators, students, freelancers, and professionals. The platform is not only a showcase for talent but also a source of great innovations and top-tier talent for large startups, organizations, and multinational corporations. Hack2Skill also actively engages in brand-building exercises, primarily through the implementation of hackathons. 

"So Hack2skill I will say is helping all the budding entrepreneurs, all the innovators, all the students, freelancers, professionals to showcase their talent. And is also helping all the big startups, big organizations, MNCs, etc to source good innovations, to source great talent. Apart from this brand building exercises also like implementing hackathons etc. Hackathon is a backbone for Hack2skill to come up with the latest challenges. We have been helping, ICC (International Cricket Council)," Sharma said. 

How many people are associated with Hack2Skill?

Over the years, Hack2Skill has successfully built a community of 2.5 million tech enthusiasts. The journey of reaching this remarkable milestone has been a testament to the commitment of the team and their dedication to contributing to the ecosystem. The platform focuses on ensuring that every initiative translates into tangible outcomes. It's these outcomes that have made Hack2Skill a prominent figure in the tech world, and they are on the brink of reaching three million members. 

"I will say the commitment of team and also giving to the ecosystem. So how the giving to the ecosystem stands is whatever the initiative we are doing, we always stand comes to our output. What output makes us strong. Giving opportunity so that actually their ideas, their solution, their MVP, their prototypes will see the day of the light. So  I will say output, the entire ecosystem developing and collaborative approach of this community. We have grown upon 2.5 million and and now we are close to three million," the founder of Hack2skill mentioned. 

Who are Hack2skill's Key Clients? 

Hack2Skill doesn't shy away from innovation challenges in any domain. They have collaborated with key players like ONDC and Google Cloud to revolutionize the e-commerce space. In partnership with SBI Bank, they've executed hackathons focused on addressing online fraud, resulting in groundbreaking solutions and challenges. Their work with the International Cricket Council (ICC) aims to enhance the fan experience.

"Yeah so we cater to any domain. So starting with now we are working with ONDC and Google Cloud again to revolutionize the entire ecommerce space. We are also working with SBI bank. We executed some of the hackathons with SBI Bank. Again the idea was how this online fraud can be stopped. So this kind of groundbaking solutions and challenges.  Apart from this we are working with ICC to enhance the fan experience," he stated. 

How Does Hack2skill Stay Ahead of the Curve? 

When it comes to organizing innovation challenges, hackathons, meetups, and mixers in the ever-evolving tech landscape, Hack2Skill sees this as a significant advantage. While traditional companies often struggle to adapt to new technologies, Hack2Skill remains at the forefront. For instance, they executed Asia Pacific's first blockchain event in 2017, well before the terms "bitcoins" and "Ether" became buzzwords. The ability to identify the potential of emerging technologies has consistently put Hack2Skill ahead of the curve.

"When we executed I will say Asia Pacific first blockchain in 2017  after that only all this bitcoins and Ether buzz word has come. But before that we are already come up with the hackathon. We have collaborated with 20 plus best developers and they are available in India and they know about the blockchain and all so so we are always ahead of the curve before something come. We have identified that potential of that particular technology. Same with GenAI before the ChatGPT and Google Bard has come. So this is how we always stay ahead of the curve and also pushing our ecosystem. Pushing our community right so they can collaboratively approach with the challenges and come up with solutions," Sharma stated. 

Empowering the Community

Hack2Skill's approach focuses on empowering their community to collaboratively address challenges and find innovative solutions. This collective approach not only benefits their platform but also pushes their ecosystem to grow continually.

For the community of developers watching the Open Innovator Show, Samkit Sharma encourages them to explore various hackathons, whether in person or online. These events offer opportunities to brainstorm with mentors, connect with industry experts, and expand their professional network. It's a chance to stay updated on industry trends and become part of groundbreaking developments.

Hack2Skill's commitment to fostering talent and providing a platform for tech enthusiasts is both inspiring and transformative. With its consistent growth and groundbreaking solutions, it's clear that Hack2Skill is shaping the future of technology.

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