SHEPRENEUR SHAKTI: How TiE Ignites Rajasthan's She-conomy!

Rajasthan's women founders are soaring! Dr. Sheenu Jhawar of TiE Rajasthan shares how their TiE Women Global Program empowers them with funding, mentors, & a global stage. Could this be the key for women-led startups from Rajasthan? Watch TICE TV

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Women entrepreneurs and startups from India are excelling in the global startup ecosystem, showcasing remarkable innovation and resilience. Their contributions span diverse sectors, driving economic growth and societal change.

Rajasthan had 29,500 women-owned MSME units in 2021-22, which increased to 75,900 in 2022-23, MSME Ministry data shows.

In a conversation with TICE News, Dr Sheenu Jhawar, President, TiE Rajasthan said, "Mentorship and fundraising are areas where women entrepreneurs need handholding…The barriers to their businesses are getting removed, but still, they need strategic handholding.”.


To nurture state’s startup ecosystem for women, TiE Rajasthan is participating in the TiE Women Global Program for the fourth year, aiming to embrace, engage, and empower women entrepreneurs worldwide.

“TiE Women, in collaboration with DoITC iStart and under the leadership of Mr. Siddharth Shah, Program Chair, and Mr. Abhishek Singh, Co-Chair, along with other committee members, is committed to making this year’s program even more impactful. Applications are open, and interested women entrepreneurs can register to be a part of this transformative journey,” says Dr. Jhawar.

Global Impact and Opportunities


The TiE Women Global Program, executed by over 41 TiE chapters across 30 countries, has impacted more than 10,000 applicants globally, providing a robust support system with over 100 mentors. The program welcomes early and late-stage startups founded or co-founded by women, companies where women co-founders own at least 33% equity, and enterprises registered on or after January 1, 2016.

Participants benefit from equity-free cash prizes totaling $50,000, mentorship, global investor access, networking opportunities, and a platform to showcase their startups.

Applications close on June 30, 2024, with events running until the Global Finale at the TiE Global Summit in Bangalore in December. Last year’s winner, Cellverse Pvt. Ltd., represented Rajasthan in Singapore.


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with TiE Rajasthan

Dr. Sheenu Jhawar, who is a distinguished PhD in maternal mental health and TEDx speaker, has been working towards making significant strides in healthcare and female entrepreneurship.

She is the director of Apex Hospitals, she oversees a chain of super-speciality hospitals across Rajasthan, ensuring top-tier medical care for communities in the region. Beyond healthca`re, Dr. Jhawar serves as the president of TiE Rajasthan, leading initiatives to empower women entrepreneurs globally. She is also the founder of India’s first clinical governance consulting firm, Ace Vision.


As the president of TiE Rajasthan, Dr. Jhawar is deeply involved in the TiE Women Global Program, which aims to support women entrepreneurs, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

She elaborates, "We realized that a lot of women who have dreams of entrepreneurship are not able to get the right platform for access to mentorship or funding." Through initiatives like partnerships with Banastali University, the program provides mentorship and investor access to women working on innovative projects.

Inspiring Success Stories and Future Aspirations


The impact of the TiE Women Global Program is evident in numerous success stories. One notable example is Dr. Kanika Singh Roha, whose biomedical project, Cellverse, garnered significant attention and investment.

Dr. Jhawar shares, "She is a favorite of the investor community and is doing exceedingly well."

Looking ahead, Dr. Jhawar hopes to see equal opportunities for all entrepreneurs, regardless of gender. She envisions a future where the TiE Women Program becomes redundant because the entrepreneurial ecosystem offers equal support to men and women alike.

"The end-term goal is to scrap the TiE Women Program when the opportunity becomes so equal that we do not necessarily have to focus on women, but they're just part of the whole cohort," she explains.

A People's Person and Lifelong Learner

When asked about her dual roles as a person and a mental health expert, TiE Rajasthan President, Dr. Jhawar describes herself as "an amalgamation of both a student and a teacher."

She explains, "At heart, I'm really a student trying to be a teacher at some time." This quest for knowledge drives her to explore various dimensions beyond her current work, enriching her professional workspace. Dr. Jhawar emphasizes empowering her teams by imparting logic and rationale, enabling them to become leaders in their own right.

Dr. Jhawar's passion for maternal mental health began during her tenure in the NHS two decades ago, where she encountered the concept of depression related to childbirth.

She recalls, "I could not imagine that a woman giving birth could be depressed, and one reason could be the phenomenon of giving birth itself." This revelation, juxtaposed with the lack of awareness in India, motivated her to pursue a PhD in maternal mental health. Despite some progress, she notes, "There is still very little knowledge, awareness, and research on antenatal depression or mental health."

Revolutionizing Clinical Governance in India

Dr. Jhawar's experience in the NHS also highlighted the importance of clinical governance. Upon returning to India, she founded Ace Vision to bring this concept to the forefront of Indian healthcare.

She explains, "When you are working across different territories and have a large number of people, there has to be some level of governance, not just on the business side but also clinical governance." 

The timing was impeccable, as the Quality Council of India soon introduced NABH standards, integrating clinical audit and governance into Indian healthcare systems.

Through her work with the TiE Women Global Program, Dr Jhawar aims to bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship. By providing mentorship, funding, and a global platform, the program is transforming the entrepreneurial landscape for women in Rajasthan and beyond. The programme has the vision for an inclusive future where opportunities are equal for all is a beacon of hope for aspiring women entrepreneurs worldwide.

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