How to get Incubated at IIM Lucknow? Hear From The Expert!

Are you a startup looking to be get incubation at IIM Lucknow? But what is the eligibility for IIM-L Enterprise Incubation Center? Watch out this exclusive interview to know more about it!

Shreshtha Verma
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IIM-L Enterprise Incubation Center COO Mr. Arunodaya Bajpai

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In an exclusive interview with TICE TV, IIM-L Enterprise Incubation Center COO Mr. Arunodaya Bajpai explains the key features of a startup to be incubated at IIM Lucknow. Technology-driven ideas, a solid business plan, and the strength to survive challenges are critical.


The Enterprise Incubation Center (EIC) at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow is a notable player. Mr. Arunodaya Bajpai, COO of EIC, recently sat got into a quick conversation with TICE to discuss the role of the incubation center and the government's role in supporting startups in India.

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