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To gain deeper insights into the significance of the India-Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge & other highlights from the G20 Summit, we had the privilege of interviewing HRH Prince Fahad Bin Mansour the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian startup group for Group 20. 

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The Saudi-India partnership is reaching new heights with a number of initiatives being undertaken during the G20 Summit in New Delhi. The Saudi delegation led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud participated in the Summit. It inked crucial and historic MoUs while also announcing the India - Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge. In an exclusive interview with TICE, the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian startup group for Group 20, Prince Fahad Bin Mansour sheds light on the India - Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge, the India-Middle East-Europe corridor initiative, and other highlights from the G20 Summit.

Partnerships between nations can often be the catalyst for groundbreaking initiatives, in the fast-paced world of global economics and innovation. The G20 Summit held in New Delhi marked a significant moment in the evolving relationship between Saudi Arabia and India. At the forefront of this partnership was the unveiling of the India-Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge, a transformative endeavor that promises to reshape the startup ecosystems  of both nations.

The G20 Summit held in New Delhi provided the ideal backdrop for this historic announcement. The Saudi delegation, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, played a pivotal role in not only participating in the Summit but also in making crucial and historic Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with India. These agreements laid the foundation for several initiatives, with the India-Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge taking center stage.

An Exclusive Interview with Prince Fahad Bin Mansour 

To gain deeper insights into the significance of the India-Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge and other highlights from the G20 Summit, we had the privilege of interviewing His Royal Highness Prince Fahad Bin Mansour the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian startup group for Group 20

The Startup Bridge: A Digital and Physical Connection

Prince Fahad spoke enthusiastically about the newly announced Startup Bridge, which is set to revolutionize the way startups operate between India and Saudi Arabia. He emphasized that while the initial concept was a digital bridge, it has now evolved into a physical one. This development means that both countries will establish physical offices in each other's territories, creating a more seamless and efficient platform for collaboration. The Startup Bridge's transformation into a physical entity underscores the commitment of both nations to fostering innovation.

"We are happy to see the announcement of the startup bridge between India and Saudi. I believe this is just the beginning of what we are planning to do. This bridge was announced to be a digital bridge. However, both Ministers his Excellency Khalid A. Al-Falih and his Excellency Piyush Goyal took it further to make it a physical bridge. We will have offices in India and India will have offices in Saudi to make sure that everything runs even more better and makes it easier for everyone to be part of this bridge," Prince Fahad Bin Mansour said

The India-Middle East-Europe Corridor: A Game-Changer

The economic corridor announced during the G20 Summit holds immense promise for entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems of India and Saudi Arabia. Prince Fahad underscored its significance, describing it as a "historical bridge." He expressed pride in the leadership shown by Saudi Arabia and India in this initiative and highlighted the potential for entrepreneurs to contribute significantly. This corridor is not just a physical connection but also an opportunity to integrate cutting-edge technologies, further solidifying the partnership between both entrepreneurial ecosystems.

"The bridge is a historical bridge. We actually are very proud and happy to see Saudi and India leading this initiative. We see a lot of contributions that can be made by entrepreneurs. There are a lot of technologies that can be adapted into this modern bridge between both countries and between all three nations. We can see how entrepreneurs can play a big role in this ecosystem, and I believe that this will only strengthen the partnership between the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Saudi and India," the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian startup group for Group 20 mentioned. 

A Flourishing Partnership

Prince Fahad's close monitoring of India's startup ecosystem over the past few months has revealed promising developments. Multiple Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed, indicative of a growing appetite for investment between Indian and Saudi investors in startups. He believes that these networking events, high-level visits, and delegations will naturally foster greater collaboration in the coming months and years, ultimately benefiting entrepreneurs in both nations.

The Road Ahead: Collaborative Prosperity

India and Saudi Arabia have sealed 53 Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) worth a total of $3.5 billion as per media reports.

During an invitation extended to Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth funds to invest in Gujarat's GIFT city, India's Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, confirmed that investment facilitation centers will be established within the next 6 months with complete backing from the Indian government. These centers will include venture capitalists who will offer funding and guidance.

Khalid A. Al Falih, the Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia, likened the India-Middle East-Europe corridor to a modern-day equivalent of the ancient Silk Route and Spice Road. He emphasized that the corridor has the potential to recalibrate global trade by enhancing energy connectivity, promoting sustainable materials, and facilitating the trade of processed and finished goods. However, he refrained from specifying a timeline for its completion.

As we look to the future, the India-Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge represents not only a pivotal moment in the relationship between these two nations but also a beacon of opportunities for entrepreneurs. This innovative bridge promises to connect talent, technology, and investment across borders, creating opportunities that were once unimaginable.

The G20 Summit in New Delhi was a turning point for the Saudi-India partnership. The India-Saudi Arabia Startup Bridge, along with the economic corridor, holds the potential to reshape the entrepreneurial landscape in both countries. Prince Fahad Bin Mansour's insights shed light on the commitment and enthusiasm of both nations to collaborate and prosper together. As the bridge takes shape, we can anticipate a future filled with groundbreaking innovations, fostering a robust and enduring partnership.

This is not just the beginning; it's the dawn of a new era in the global startup ecosystem.


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