G20YEA: Prince Fahad bin Mansour Calls For Entrepreneurial Action

Prince Fahad bin Mansour Al-Saud sparks collaboration at G20YEA Summit, showcasing Saudi Arabia's commitment to entrepreneurship. Saudi-India partnership holds promising surprises, as global entrepreneurs seize opportunities in the Kingdom.

Swati Dayal
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Prince Fahad

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“This is an era of Entrepreneurship and Saudi is ready for it,” said His Royal Highness Prince Fahad bin Mansour Al Saud. 


In a captivating speech delivered at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance (G20YEA) Summit, Prince Fahad who is the President of the Saudi Delegation, emphasised the significant value of the G20YEA and showcased Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.


Recognizing the Value of G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance


The virtual summit, which brought together delegates from 30 nations, marked a milestone in strengthening international cooperation and unlocking the immense potential of young entrepreneurs. Prince Fahad expressed his gratitude to the Indian G20YEA, Youth Inc (YI), and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for their instrumental role in making the summit a resounding success. He also extended his appreciation for the warm hospitality received during the event.

Saudi Arabia Shines at G20YEA Summit

Proudly representing 40 outstanding Saudi entrepreneurs, Prince Fahad commended their achievements and expressed gratitude for their invaluable contributions to the Saudi delegation. Each delegate represented an entity that brought unique qualities and perspectives to the table, symbolizing the open doors of opportunity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Biban and Leap: Gateways to Saudi Arabia's Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Drawing attention to two significant upcoming events, Prince Fahad highlighted Biban, a global entrepreneurial exhibition in Riyadh organized by strategic partner Monsha’at, the small and medium enterprises authority in Saudi. The exhibition aims to connect entrepreneurs from around the world with the thriving Saudi entrepreneurial ecosystem. Additionally, he invited delegates to attend Leap!, the highly attended Techpreneur global exhibition organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).



Invest Saudi: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Investors Alike

Addressing the investment aspect, Prince Fahad underscored the importance of Invest Saudi, a comprehensive platform powered by the Ministry of Investment, that assists entrepreneurs and investors alike in realizing their ambitions. He assured delegates of the support they would receive throughout their journey, whether they were looking to invest, relocate, expand, or start a new business in Saudi Arabia.

Neom: The Futuristic City Calling Entrepreneurs


Looking towards the future, Prince Fahad mentioned Neom, a futuristic city calling for dreamers, innovators, and creators. He encouraged entrepreneurs to participate in building this groundbreaking project, emphasizing that Saudi Arabia is a nation of entrepreneurs. Neom offers an exceptional opportunity to join over 1,000 entrepreneurs who have already embraced the city's vision.

Gratitude Towards Partners and Ecosystem Players

Prince Fahad expressed heartfelt gratitude to NEOM for their unwavering support and presence at the inofest exhibition, as well as for hosting the summit's opening dinner. He also thanked Invest Saudi for hosting the G20YEA Indian delegation in Saudi Arabia, highlighting their pivotal role in empowering the Saudi G20YEA delegation.


Acknowledging the key players in Saudi Arabia's entrepreneurship ecosystem, Prince Fahad thanked the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the National Industrial Development and Logistic Programs, the Quality of Life Program, the SME Bank, venture builders, and various private sectors that contributed to the success of the summit.


Saudi Vision 2030: A Catalyst for Entrepreneurship

Prince Fahad concluded his speech by expressing gratitude to the Indian YEA for taking the first step towards fostering collaboration between Saudi Arabia and India. He affirmed the Saudi delegation's commitment to showcasing their potential and eagerly anticipated the active participation of all G20YEA countries in future summits, particularly the forthcoming Brazilian and South African summits.

The Prince extended his utmost appreciation to His Majesty King Salman and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their unwavering support in developing the Saudi entrepreneurship ecosystem in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030.

As the summit concluded, Prince Fahad invited all delegates to capture a group picture at the Invest Saudi and Neom's booth, highlighting the unity and shared vision among young entrepreneurs from around the world.

Saudi-India Collaboration: A Path to Promising Surprises


With Saudi Arabia's commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation, the G20YEA Summit served as a platform to forge lasting partnerships and unlock the full potential of young entrepreneurs in the Kingdom and beyond. The stage is set for even greater collaborations between Saudi Arabia and India, with promising surprises on the horizon. All eyes are now eagerly awaiting the Brazilian and South African Summits, anticipating the same level of active participation and impactful outcomes.