Aavishkari Entrepreneur: Innovative Startup Empowering Beggars

In this captivating segment, we highlight and interview trailblazers who have transformed their innovations into successful businesses. We showcase the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who have made their mark with groundbreaking ideas.

Sonu Vivek
12 Apr 2023 | Updated On 14 Apr 2023

In this latest episode of TICE TV's Aavishkari Entrepreneur, we showcase the innovative startup that is helping beggars choose their destinies. 

Beggars Corporation: Transforming Lives through Entrepreneurship 

In a society where begging is often seen as a curse, Chandra Mishra, the founder of Beggars Corporation, is breaking the barriers by transforming the lives of beggars in Varanasi. His innovative startup is helping them turn into entrepreneurs by providing them with an opportunity to work and earn a livelihood with dignity. Beggars Corporation is not just a business venture but a social enterprise that is making a positive impact on the lives of many.

The tagline of Beggars Corporation, "Don't Donate, Invest," is a powerful message that encourages people to change their mindset towards charity. Instead of giving money to beggars, the startup urges people to invest in their lives by providing them with employment opportunities. This approach is not only sustainable but also empowers beggars to become self-sufficient and independent.

The beggars who work with Beggars Corporation are trained to make cotton bags of different types, such as shopping bags, laptop bags, and many more. These bags are eco-friendly, affordable, and of high quality, making them an excellent alternative to plastic bags. By supporting Beggars Corporation, people contribute to beggars' livelihood and promote sustainable living.

Chandra Mishra's vision is to change the way society perceives beggars. He believes that beggars are not helpless but have the potential to become entrepreneurs if provided with the right opportunities. Through Beggars Corporation, he is creating a platform for them to showcase their skills and talents.

The impact of Beggars Corporation is evident from the success stories of the beggars who have worked with the startup. They have not only earned a livelihood but also gained confidence and self-respect. Many of them have used their earnings to start their businesses, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.

Beggars Corporation is an excellent example of how innovation and entrepreneurship can transform society. By providing beggars with the right opportunities, the startup is not only changing their lives but also contributing to the development of the community. It is a social enterprise that deserves recognition and support.

In conclusion, Beggars Corporation is a game-changer in the field of social entrepreneurship. It is transforming the lives of beggars by providing them with an opportunity to become entrepreneurs. The startup's tagline, "Don't Donate, Invest," is a message that needs to be embraced by society to create a sustainable and equitable future. Let's support Beggars Corporation and contribute to a better tomorrow.

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