TiE Delhi-NCR's HR Summit 2024: Bridging Culture & Strategy

TiE Delhi-NCR's HR Summit 2024 explored the dynamic synergy between culture and strategy. Industry leaders delve into inclusive practices, AI trends, and transformative HR strategies, marking a pivotal shift in organizational dynamics. Read on!

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In a compelling convergence of human resource (HR) luminaries, professionals, and visionary founders, TiE Delhi-NCR's HR Summit 2024 unfolded with the theme "Where Culture Meets Strategy." The summit aimed to unravel the potent synergy between vibrant, purpose-driven cultures and strategic business directions, underlining the pivotal role played by HR in shaping the success trajectory of organizations.


TICE was the media partner at the event.

Diverse Perspectives on Inclusivity, Governance, and Talent Management

Beyond the central theme, the summit, held in the national capital on February 2 delved into sub-themes like developing inclusive environments, governance, and creative approaches to talent management. Discussions centered around bringing in, nurturing, and developing talent within a framework driven by culture. Noteworthy attendees included HR experts, startup founders, culture champions, talent acquisition specialists, and advocates for diversity and inclusion, creating a dynamic and diverse forum.


Insights from Industry Leaders

Dr. Jatin Thukral, Executive VP & Head of Data Science at, highlighted the explosive growth in AI-related jobs, signifying a transformative phase in both tech and non-tech sectors in India.

Jatin Thukral


Speaking at the event, Dr Jatin Thukral, Executive VP & Head Data Science, said, “The explosive growth in AI related jobs is indicative of the ongoing transformation in both tech and non-tech sectors of India. A welcome change in the Indian economy is the diversification of job opportunities beyond IT industries to fast emerging sectors such as manufacturing, pharma, hospitality and banking which are witnessing an average salary jump of 10-20%.”

A Deep Dive into Crucial HR and Business Aspects

The summit featured a myriad of sessions offering valuable insights into crucial aspects of HR and business development. Topics ranged from strategies for fostering robust, diverse, and inclusive company cultures to navigating HR growth and scaling strategies tailored for startups. A masterclass and case study on Generative AI in HR, guidance on building employer brands, and exploration of key trends in the future of work for 2024 and beyond were also part of the comprehensive agenda.


Geetika Dayal, Executive Director of TiE Delhi-NCR, emphasized the critical role of a robust HR team for startups and large organizations alike. “A robust HR team is critical for startups & large organizations alike. TiE Delhi-NCR's HR summit has been our flagship event for years in an attempt to bring together India’s HR leaders, promising startup founders and HR professionals.  Focusing on both, culture  & strategy this year's theme deep dives into trends,  best practices, innovation & new AI technologies . We are happy to have & Talentolease as our valuable partners for this initiative," she said.

Expert Panels Featuring Industry Stalwarts

The summit boasted expert panels with distinguished names in the industry, including Pankaj Bansal (Co-founder & Group CEO, PeopleStrong), Rishu Garg (VP and Head of HR, DeHaat), Yuvaraj Srivastava (Group Chief Human Resource Officer, MakeMyTrip), and many others. These panels provided diverse perspectives on HR, talent management, and the intersection of culture and strategy.


About TiE Delhi-NCR

TiE Delhi-NCR stands as one of the most active and vibrant chapters in the extensive TiE network. Over the past two decades, it has consistently fostered a positive ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors. Through programs like TiEcon, Startup Expo, TiE Institute, and TiE Young Entrepreneurs, TiE Delhi-NCR continues to provide mentorship, conduct marquee events, and offer focused workshops, contributing significantly to the entrepreneurial landscape.

TiE Delhi-NCR's HR Summit 2024 emerged as a powerhouse of knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities, reinforcing the pivotal role HR plays in shaping the future of businesses. The discussions and collaborations at the summit are anticipated to catalyze transformative changes in HR practices and strategies across diverse industries.


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