Navigating the Winds of Change: The Future of VC and Startups in 2024

Explore 2024's trends: Increased funding for sustainability startups battling the climate crisis. AI-led startups surge, and India's EV and cybersecurity sectors gather momentum. What trends will define the future of innovation and investment? Read more.

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Future of VC Funding

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As we bid farewell to 2023, a year fraught with uncertainty, rising interest rates, and sluggish growth, the venture capital (VC) landscape witnessed a noticeable dip in funding compared to the peaks of 2021 and 2022. Startups faced the daunting challenge of navigating shorter runways and declining valuations, prompting a heightened emphasis on due diligence and a rigorous showcase of product-market fit, growth, and profitability potential.

Despite the headwinds, it's essential to don the lens of optimism. The funding figures of 2023, while not reaching the peak of the previous two years, still stand as the third-highest on record. Lower valuations, coupled with heightened scrutiny, set the stage for what could be an exceptional vintage for the VC ecosystem. The Indian startup landscape, in particular, has garnered positive attention, signifying a long-term bullish outlook.

TICE News had an exclusive conversation with the country's renowned startup investors to learn which sectors they would bet on in the new year, discover the future outlook for 2024, and identify the most promising sectors in the coming time.

2024: A New Dawn for VC and Startups

A Glimpse into Funding Trends

As we step into 2024, optimism permeates the startup ecosystem with renewed hopes for funding. Startups, undeterred by the challenges of the past year, are gearing up for a resurgence in financial support. The hot bets for the upcoming year span diverse sectors, including electric vehicles, space technology, cybersecurity, logistics, and supply chain. However, the most significant theme poised to emerge is the application of GenAI across various industries.

GenAI's Disruptive Potential

GenAI, a form of artificial intelligence capable of producing diverse content types, is anticipated to disrupt industries such as healthcare, finance, transportation, and manufacturing. Its multifaceted capabilities in generating text, imagery, audio, and synthetic data mark a transformative leap for technology, promising innovative solutions across sectors.

Padmaja Ruparel

In a conversation with TICE News, Padmaja Ruparel, Co-Founder of Indian Angel Network (IAN), highlighted the shift in focus witnessed in 2023. The year underscored the importance of building profitable companies over mere valuations. Sectors like space tech, manufacturing tech, and biotech experienced newfound attention, with increased private investments in alignment with global sustainability goals.

She says, "2023 saw the Indian startup ecosystem see a change : the year brought a sharp focus on the very reason for business building i.e. to build profitable companies. This meant that “well governed & valuable” rather “valuation” became mainstay for founders and investors. Investors shed the “FOMO” syndrome and double down on diligence.

The year saw sectors like space tech, manufacturing tech and biotech open up & private investors starting to take early bets. Environment and Climate saw notable financial inflows, aligning with the global emphasis on sustainability.

In 2024, fund raising should rebound though not at the dizzy heights of 2021. Tech will remain mainstay and sectors like hardware, semiconductor, manufacturing should see a fillip. The focus on innovation solving real problems would emerge from Tier 2 / 3 towns, which can disrupt markets both in India and globally. Focus on IP driven startups is likely to increase, as India moves up the value creation ladder and not just scaling."

Mayuresh Raut, Managing Partner at Seafund, sheds light on the funding landscape, anticipating a continued slowdown for Indian startups until mid-2024. Despite the cautious outlook, Raut believes that the funding environment will eventually rebound, with startups needing to emphasize viable unit economics and robust corporate governance.

Mayuresh Raut

Mr Raut says, "The funding slowdown is expected to persist for Indian startups at least until mid-2024. This year marked a period of consolidation for the ecosystem, with decreased funding and resetting of startup valuations. However, 2024 could see the next wave of funding emerge for promising Indian startups. Investors will likely focus more on two key criteria. First, startups will need to demonstrate viable unit economics and a realistic path to profitability.

Many companies have already adapted to the funding drought by prioritising healthier unit economics. Second, robust corporate governance standards will be imperative to gain investor trust, given recent high-profile cases of poor governance. This will raise the bar for governance but strengthen startups in the long run. Even with the short-term caution, India remains an attractive destination for global venture capital, thanks to the strength of the broader economy. Overall, while the funding environment may take time to regain full health, resilient startups can position themselves for growth by emphasising fundamentals like unit economics, governance, and operational efficiency."

Hot Sectors for 2024

Ms Padmaja Ruparel says the exciting sectors to watch in the new year include space tech, biotech, General Artificial Intelligence (GAI), and cybersecurity. Additionally, the agricultural sector holds substantial potential for innovation and growth.

Sustainability-focused startups are expected to attract increased funding as the climate crisis intensifies. Investors are showing growing interest in climate tech innovators, focusing on renewable energy, carbon capture tools, low-emission agriculture, and green transport.

Additionally, startups promoting resource optimization through water preservation, waste management, and circular economy solutions are poised to be attractive bets.

The urgency of environmental sustainability is driving heightened investor attention towards startups contributing to clean energy, resource efficiency, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation. Meanwhile, AI-led startups in India are set for growth in 2024, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance efficiency and automation across sectors such as financial services, healthcare, retail, and cybersecurity.

Mr Mayuresh Raut says...

Sustainability-Focused Startups

Investors are expected to gravitate towards startups addressing the pressing climate crisis. Climate tech innovators, focusing on renewable energy, carbon capture tools, low-emission agriculture, and green transport, are likely to attract significant interest. Resource optimization leaders, involved in water preservation, waste management, and circular economy approaches, will also be attractive bets, aligning with the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability.

AI-Led Startups

India's artificial intelligence and machine learning startups are poised for growth in 2024. Their capacity to transform legacy processes, enhance efficiency, automate tasks, and enable data-based decision-making positions them as key players across diverse sectors. AI startups in financial services, healthcare, retail, cybersecurity, and more are expected to garner attention and funding due to the technology's potential in optimizing systems and augmenting human capabilities.

Electric Mobility

With the Indian government strongly supporting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), startups focusing on EV manufacturing, battery technology, and charging infrastructure are expected to thrive. The mounting concerns over pollution and climate change create a favorable environment for startups driving innovations in EVs, offering a spectrum of opportunities across the entire EV value chain.


As cyber risks escalate globally, India's cybersecurity startups are predicted to experience strong traction. Solutions addressing threat monitoring, data breach prevention, firewalls, encryption, and malware detection will be highly sought after. Startups emphasizing privacy-preserving frameworks, in alignment with data protection laws, are poised to unlock significant value in safeguarding sensitive user information.

As we venture into 2024, the startup ecosystem remains resilient, adapting to challenges and poised for growth. The evolving landscape brings forth new opportunities, with sustainability, artificial intelligence, electric mobility, and cybersecurity emerging as key focal points for investors and founders alike. The winds of change are blowing, and the startups that navigate these currents with innovation and strategic prowess are likely to find success in the coming year.

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