PM Modi's Vision: India's AI Mission To Ignite Startup Power

Discover India's bold stride into the future of innovation through its transformative AI Mission. Unleashing compute power, the initiative propels startups to tackle societal challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and education. Read on to explore.

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India will initiate an AI Mission aimed at providing compute power to startups and innovators. The mission's objective is to empower these entities to address challenges in critical sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and education. This is the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said this while addressing the GPAI Summit at Bharat Mandapam.

Empowering Startups with AI Compute Power

During his address, PM Modi highlighted the importance of the upcoming AI mission in fostering innovation. He stated, "We will launch an AI mission to get AI compute power which will help startups and innovators. With this mission, agriculture, healthcare, and education sectors will be promoted."


Govt's Response to Expert Panel Recommendations

This announcement follows the government's adoption of recommendations from an expert panel report, which proposed the creation of computing infrastructure comprising 24,500 graphics processing units (GPUs) at 17 centers. The proposed infrastructure is intended to support innovation in emerging technologies by startups and academia in India.

Under the expert panel's proposal, approximately 14,500 GPUs are earmarked for the training of AI models and high-performance storage, while the remaining 10,000 GPUs are allocated for AI inferencing.


Global Partnership for AI Summit Initiatives

PM Modi inaugurated the GPAI summit, where international delegates are expected to engage in sessions on various aspects of AI. As part of the summit, the government is working on a multi-country, consensus-based declaration on AI, specifically focusing on mitigating risks and fostering innovation.

Addressing the Dark Side of AI


Highlighting the potential dangers of artificial intelligence, PM Modi warned that AI has the capability to "destroy the 21st century." He called on countries to collaborate on a global framework during the GPAI Summit to establish guardrails around AI, making it more responsible and secure. Modi expressed concerns about the potential havoc that AI tools could wreak if they fall into the wrong hands, such as terrorists or cyber attackers.

PM Modi emphasized India's role in the AI landscape, stating, "Today, India is a key player in AI talent and new ideas related to AI. Indian youth, tech experts, and researchers are exploring the limits of AI. We witness a highly enthusiastic AI innovation spirit in India."

He further mentioned the YUVA AI initiative, acknowledging the efforts of selected youth in bringing about social change through technology. Modi also highlighted recent initiatives, such as the launch of an AI chat-bot in agriculture, demonstrating the government's commitment to transforming various sectors using AI.


National Program on Artificial Intelligence

Reaffirming the commitment to inclusive growth, PM Modi stated, "In India, our development mantra is 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' . Inspired by the idea of 'AI for all,' we have formulated policies and programs to harness the capabilities of AI for social development and inclusive growth."

He announced the launch of the National Program on Artificial Intelligence and reiterated the government's dedication to responsible and ethical use of AI. The upcoming AI mission aims to establish sufficient AI compute power in India, providing better facilities for startups and innovators, particularly in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, and education.


PM Modi highlighted the efforts to disseminate AI skills to tier-2 and tier-3 cities through Industrial Training Institutes. He also mentioned the "National AI Portal" and the "EraVat" initiative, offering a common platform for research labs, industry, and startups to collaborate on AI initiatives.

Charting a New Era with AI

PM Modi emphasized that India is entering a new era with AI, stating, "AI is more than just a tool in the technology kit; it is becoming the foundation for building our new future."

Recognizing AI's immense power to connect people, he stressed the importance of using AI responsibly to ensure not only economic progress but also equality and social justice.

PM Modi emphasized the need to make AI development journey inclusive, stating, "The more inclusive the development journey of AI, the more inclusive its outcomes will be." He also emphasized the necessity of making AI "All Inclusive" and embracing "All Ideas" for a truly transformative and inclusive AI landscape in India.

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