Melody Meets Startups: Renowned Singer Makes Striking Investment Move!

Renowned singer Lucky Ali ventures into a new arena beyond music. Seems the singer doesn't want to be "Khali Haanth Aaye The" anymore. Breaking into the startup ecosystem, he explores a new path. Curious about his entry? Discover the details within.

Swati Dayal
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Lucky Ali

Walking in the footsteps of Bollywood celebrities, now its the singers who are making their debut into the startup ecosystem. Renowned singer Lucky Ali has invested an undisclosed amount in content startup Knocksense during a Pre-Series A funding round. Lucky Ali is remembered for his hit songs like O Sanam, Ek Pal Ka Jeena and many more mesmerizing songs.

The funding round also saw participation from Nitish Mittersain, CEO, and founder of Nazara Technology, and Mohit Satyanand from Teamwork Arts.

Knocksense: A Hyperlocal Content Platform for Tier-II Cities

Knocksense, founded in 2016 by Vibhore Mayank and Varul Mayank, is a hyperlocal content-driven commerce platform that specifically caters to the youth in Tier-II cities. The startup engages brands and communities by providing hyperlocal digital content, recommendations, events, and business opportunities.

Funding to Accelerate Knocksense's Expansion and Community Engagement

With the infusion of funds, Knocksense aims to accelerate its expansion plans and broaden its reach to more cities in India. The startup, based in Lucknow, currently covers cities like Kanpur, Indore, Goa, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, offering content in both Hindi and English.

Lucky Ali, expressing his thoughts on the investment, stated, "Knocksense is fostering an authentic community that connects the youth in smaller cities with greater opportunities through engaging content and commerce." 

The founders of Knocksense expressed their gratitude for Lucky Ali's belief in their mission, stating that his support strengthens their resolve to empower young users and local brands in smaller cities through hyperlocal content, events, and commerce. They also expressed their excitement to leverage Lucky Ali's expertise and guidance as they shape the future of Knocksense.

Knocksense: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Media and Youth Needs

Knocksense aims to bridge the gap between traditional media channels and the evolving needs of the younger generation by leveraging technology and cultural relevance. The startup seeks to provide a platform that resonates with the youth and helps them discover opportunities in their respective cities.

The investment in Knocksense comes at a time when the Indian digital content market is experiencing significant growth. According to a recent study by Statista, the market was valued at INR 571 billion and is estimated to reach INR 862 billion by 2025. This indicates the immense potential for startups like Knocksense that focus on catering to the digital content needs of the Indian population.

Indian Digital Content Market on the Rise

In the past year, several similar startups have attracted funding in this space. Wishlink, a creator-led commerce startup that enables social media creators to drive commerce for brands, raised USD 3 million in a seed funding round. Another notable example is Phyllo, a startup that raised Rs 120 crore last year. Phyllo helps creator economy-focused businesses gather data about creators, including their names, number of followers, and content type, through a single application programming interface (API).

As Knocksense secures funding from Lucky Ali and other prominent investors, the startup is poised to make a significant impact in the hyperlocal content and commerce space. With its expansion plans and continued commitment to empowering the youth in Tier-II cities, Knocksense is set to shape the future of digital content consumption and engagement in India.

There are many Bollywood stars who have shown keen interests in different startups and are investing in already running startups. The singers are new to join the league. In 2019 singer Sukhbir Singh invested in tech-enabled beverage startup LQI and Jaipur-based healthtech startup Meddelivery.