Space Entrepreneurs Wanted: IN-SPACe Launches Space Startup Incubator

Want to be India's next Space-preneur? IN-SPACe's new program offers 21 months of support to turn your space business idea into reality. Read the article for details.

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The Indian space sector is on the cusp of an entrepreneurial revolution with the launch of the Pre-Incubation Entrepreneurship (PIE) programme by IN-SPACe, the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre. This pioneering initiative empowers aspiring space entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance needed to transform their visions into reality.


India's Growing Space Startup Ecosystem: Achievements and Future Prospects

In 2023, India saw the rise of 54 new space startups, increasing the total number of emerging firms in the sector to 204. Indian space startups have garnered more than Rs 1,000 crores in private investments since April this year. He also highlighted the country's potential to achieve a space economy worth $100 billion by 2040.

The adoption of the Indian Space Policy 2023 significantly boosted the Indian private space industry, transforming it into an attractive investment opportunity for investors. Within a supportive environment for space startups in India, companies such as Skyroot, SatSure, Dhruva, Bellatrix, and others are thriving with aspirations to emulate India's version of SpaceX.


Moreover, recently Agnikul Cosmos achieved a significant milestone in India's private space sector with the successful launch of its SOrTeD mission. This demonstration featured a single-stage launch vehicle propelled by a semi-cryogenic 3D-printed engine, marking a pivotal moment in the advancement of indigenous space technology. The mission, completed in about two minutes, underscores both the company's accomplishment and India's progress in the field.

With this more and more startup entrepreneurs are motivated to venture into the sector.

IN-SPACe's 21 Months of Comprehensive Support


The intensive 21-month PIE programme equips participants with a roadmap for success. From ideation to prototyping, budding space entrepreneurs receive continuous mentorship from industry veterans and subject-matter experts. This ensures they have the necessary support at every crucial stage of development.

Learning from the Best: Expert Mentorship and Collaboration

A cornerstone of the PIE programme is its esteemed mentorship network. Participants gain invaluable insights from seasoned professionals across academia, research institutions, incubators, and the space industry itself. This holistic approach equips young entrepreneurs with the dual expertise of technical mastery and business acumen – essential for navigating the complexities of the space sector.


Chairman of IN-SPACe, Dr. Pawan Goenka, underscored the programme's significance: "India's space sector is hurtling towards exponential growth, and young entrepreneurs are the fuel that will propel us forward. The PIE programme serves as a launchpad, equipping them with not only the technical know-how but also the business savvy to thrive in this dynamic industry."

What Are The Eligibility and Programme Criteria for Startups?

The PIE programme welcomes applications from aspiring space entrepreneurs who meet the following criteria:

  • Indian citizens graduating in 2024 or already graduates
  • No prior grants or funding received from private or government schemes (originals only)
  • Startups registered with DPIIT on or after July 1, 2022 (classified as early-stage)

The PIE programme fosters a collaborative learning environment that breeds innovation. By connecting young minds with leading experts and providing hands-on guidance, the programme aims to drive scientific advancements with tangible socio-economic benefits. This initiative is poised to be a significant contributor to India's economic growth, creating new job opportunities within the burgeoning space sector.

The PIE programme aligns perfectly with IN-SPACe's broader vision for India's space sector. By nurturing early-stage startups and empowering the next generation of space tech pioneers, IN-SPACe aspires to solidify India's position as a global leader in space exploration and technology.


From Dreams to Reality: Equipping Tomorrow's Space Leaders

The programme's comprehensive support structure ensures aspiring space entrepreneurs are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the industry and turn their dreams into tangible realities. With its focus on both technical and business aspects, the PIE programme represents a giant leap forward in India's pursuit of space innovation and leadership.

IN-SPACe's PIE programme shows India's booming space sector. By providing a robust platform for young entrepreneurs, the programme is poised to unleash a wave of groundbreaking ideas, propelling the country's space industry towards unprecedented growth and global recognition. As these startups flourish, they will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping the future of space exploration and technology for India.

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