Kochi-Based Cavli Wireless Secures $10 Mn in Series A Funding

Kochi's Cavli Wireless, a startup, successfully raises $10M in Series A funding. Discover the company's vision, expansion plans, and more in their inspiring startup story. Read on to explore details

Swati Dayal
12 Jul 2023
Cavli Wireless

Cavli Wireless, a startup based in Kochi, India, has successfully secured USD 10 million in its Series A funding round from global investors. The company specializes in cellular Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and aims to utilize the funding to expand its market reach, enhance product capabilities, and accelerate talent acquisition plans for its global research and development (R&D) and engineering center.

Establishing Kochi as an IoT and Telecom Technology Hub

The primary objective of Cavli's funding is to establish Kochi as a thriving hub for IoT and telecom technology. The company plans to achieve this by fostering the local technology graduate talent pool through campus recruitment and internship programs. In addition, Cavli intends to set up a Customer Experience Centre to facilitate collaborative development of "Smart Products" between its customers and the Cavli engineering team.

By emphasizing the importance of nurturing India's tech talent, Cavli aims to contribute to the growth of IoT and semiconductor industries in the country. The company's approach involves co-creating with its customers and their engineering teams, fostering product innovation and talent development.

Cavli Wireless's Expertise in 4G and 5G Technologies

Cavli Wireless is recognized as a leader in both 4G and 5G technologies, specializing in the design and production of cellular modules equipped with integrated eSIM and global connectivity. Its products have gained popularity globally, reaching customers in over 30 countries, including the United States, India, Spain, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Turkey, and Germany.

The founders of Cavli Wireless, John Mathew, Ajit Thomas, Tarun Thomas George, and Akhil A Zeeb, have been dedicated to simplifying and enabling IoT connectivity worldwide. The successful funding round will further support the company's global expansion plans. Cavli intends to expand its India operations, increasing its team to over 200 members in technical and business roles.

In addition to expanding its workforce, Cavli plans to enhance its product portfolio and R&D capabilities to address the automotive and industrial sectors globally. The company aims to invest in cutting-edge technologies and integrate its platform solution, Cavli Hubble, with its hardware portfolio, facilitating true Silicon to Cloud integration.

Global Expansion and Workforce Growth Plans

“This Series A will help us to strengthen our position in the global IoT market by expanding our product portfolio, enhancing R&D capabilities, and growing our international presence. We plan to invest in cutting-edge technologies, to address the automotive and industrial sectors globally. With our platform solution, Cavli Hubble tightly integrated with our hardware portfolio, we are pretty confident that Silicon to Cloud integration in its true sense is now a reality,” said John Mathew, CEO of Cavli Wireless.

The timing of this investment aligns with the rapid growth of the global IoT market. Industry projections suggest that the number of connected devices will surpass 30 billion by 2025, highlighting the immense potential for companies like Cavli Wireless.

With the funds raised, Cavli Wireless intends to make significant strides in its market expansion, product development, and talent acquisition efforts. The company's vision to position Kochi as an IoT and telecom technology hub and its commitment to nurturing India's tech talent bode well for a thriving future in the IoT and semiconductor industries.