Goa's GCCI Bridge: Linking Startups, Corporations, and Prosperity

Explore how Goa is transforming into a thriving startup hub. Goa will host the GCCI Startup & Corporate Bridge event on October 23. The event aims to foster collaboration and innovation in this emerging ecosystem. Read on for details.

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As a globally renowned tourist destination, Goa is now emerging as a thriving hub for startups. With nearly 400 registered startups in a population of 15.7 lakhs, it's poised to challenge traditional startup hubs like Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Mumbai. 


This shift is attributed to government support, favorable climate, accessibility, and a vibrant youth population.

Nurturing this landscape, the Goa Chambers of Commerce and Industries (GCCI) is gearing up for the Goa Startup & Corporate Bridge, which is set to take place in Panaji on October 23, 2023. This first-of-its-kind event in the region promises to bridge the gap between startups and established industries through meaningful interactions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Distinguished Guests and Participants


Goa Startup Bridge

The launch event is set to be graced by some distinguished guests, including Chief Guest Rohan Khaunte, Minister for Tourism, IT, Printing & Stationery, Government of Goa, and Guest of Honour Shrinivas Dempo, President of GCCI and Chairman of the Dempo Group of Companies.

Also, in attendance will be Ralph de Sousa, Past-President of GCCI and Chairman of de Souza Group of Hotels, and Lalit Saraswat, Chairperson of GCCI Startups Innovation & Growth Taskforce, and CEO of Sancoale Technologies, among others.


The presence of prominent hoteliers like Saurabh Khanna (The Park), Jack Sukhija (Panjim Inn), Carlos de Sousa (de Souza Group), and more is expected.

Event To Bridge Gap Between Stakeholders

The GCCI Startup & Corporate Bridge is set to bring together Government, Corporates, Startups, and startup ecosystem enablers. The primary aim is to facilitate collaboration between these entities.


Lalit Saraswat

Lalit Saraswat, Chairperson of GCCI Startups Innovation & Growth Taskforce, and CEO of Sancoale Technologies, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, "The GCCI Startup & Corporate Bridge will bring together Government, Corporates, and Startups along with startup ecosystem enablers. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between startups and established industries through meaningful interactions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration."

Startups attending this event will have the opportunity to showcase their innovations, access resources, gain mentorship, obtain market validation, and enhance their credibility. It's a unique platform where startups can connect with experienced hoteliers, allowing for valuable insights and support.


A Catalyst for Mutual Growth

The event will help startups gain access to crucial resources, mentorship, extensive networking opportunities, market validation, and an enhanced level of credibility. On the other hand, corporations can benefit from increased access to innovation, talent discovery, effective risk management, insights into market trends, heightened competitiveness, and valuable networking prospects. 

Simultaneously, the government can expect to foster economic growth, cultivate a flourishing startup ecosystem, attract investments, support skill development, and establish a valuable feedback mechanism. This Startup & Corporate Bridge Program has the potential to serve as a catalyst, driving collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant, diverse, and resilient economy.


Holding Hands to Boost Startup Ecosystem

The GCCI Startup & Corporate Bridge has received support from various organizations, including the Department of IT and Startup Promotion Cell, Government of Goa, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), The Dempo Group, FiiRE - Forum for Innovation Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship, MeWo, Biznest, Goa State Innovation Council, BITS BioCyTIH Foundation, Atal Incubation Centre at Goa Institute of Management (AIC-GIM Foundation), Goa Carbon Limited, Sancoale Technologies, and Headstart Network Foundation.

The GCCI Startup & Corporate Bridge program signifies a step towards nurturing of a thriving startup ecosystem in Goa. With the involvement of government bodies, corporates, and startups, it offers a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange and partnership building. Stay tuned for this landmark event, which promises to pave the way for a more innovative and collaborative business environment in Goa.

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