Beware, copycats! Startup LegalPay Is Using AI To Catch Image Theft

LegalPay's ImageMatch uses AI to protect copyrights of photographers and artists. It effortlessly detects image theft, empowering creators worldwide. Read to know how.

Swati Dayal
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and thrive. Startups leverage AI to automate processes, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. 


New Delhi-based legal technology startup, LegalPay, has unveiled ImageMatch, an innovative AI-powered image monitoring tool designed to protect the visual copyrights of professional photographers and artists. This proprietary technology utilizes reverse image search supported by artificial intelligence to effectively track the usage of images across the internet, offering a comprehensive solution to combat unauthorized image usage.

Effortless Detection of Image Theft

ImageMatch simplifies the process of detecting image theft by allowing users to import their images and automatically perform reverse image searches. By leveraging this tool, photographers and artists can eliminate the need for manual searches on platforms like Google, saving time and resources. Kundan Shahi, Founder and CEO of LegalPay, explained the capabilities of ImageMatch, stating, "Imagematch can search the Internet similar to Google Images and Bing Images to locate any instances of stolen images. This makes it effortless for users to detect image theft, and the system automatically identifies copyright violations and documents where the images are located on the web. Additionally, the system stores the results, eliminates duplicate findings, and removes any false positives."


Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Image theft can result in significant financial losses for professional photographers and artists. Settlements in photography infringement cases can amount to a minimum of Rs 15,000 per copyright violation. With the efficient and automated monitoring provided by ImageMatch, professionals can more effectively identify instances of image theft, protect their intellectual property rights, and seek appropriate legal recourse when necessary. LegalPay's ImageMatch not only detects instances of copyright infringement but also assists users in recovering damages resulting from these breaches.

Wider Applications and Industry Interest


ImageMatch's benefits extend beyond photographers and artists to media houses as well. Media organizations are increasingly interested in monitoring the use of their staff-produced images online to ensure proper licensing, copyright protection, and fair compensation for rights holders. Given that approximately 85% of the 3 billion images shared daily are stolen, tools like ImageMatch are crucial in combating unauthorized image usage and safeguarding the rights of content creators.

Efficient and Scalable Technology

Built on a highly scalable cloud infrastructure, ImageMatch runs comprehensive searches on websites and platforms, identifying morphed or manipulated images across the web. The platform delivers fast and responsive results, capable of handling vast quantities of media and related data. LegalPay's commitment to providing efficient technology solutions and comprehensive legal assistance ensures that photographers and creators can protect their copyright and pursue legal remedies when their intellectual property is infringed upon.


Empowering Creators and Safeguarding IP Rights

LegalPay aims to empower photographers and other creators by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their brand and expand their business. By championing the rights of artists and countering unauthorized image usage, LegalPay strives to make access to legal assistance simple and affordable. They handle cases worldwide on a no-win, no-fee basis, ensuring a fair resolution for their clients.

With the launch of ImageMatch, LegalPay has solidified its position as a leading legal technology startup in India. By leveraging AI-powered image monitoring, LegalPay addresses the pressing issue of unauthorized image usage, protecting the intellectual property rights of photographers, artists, and media organizations alike. As image theft continues to be a widespread problem, ImageMatch offers a reliable solution, enabling professionals to safeguard their visual content copyrights and seek appropriate legal recourse when needed.