Government Scheme Help in Native Language: How Can Jugalbandi Assist?

Nearly 70% of India's population resides in rural areas and only 15-20% of the Indian population speaks English. That leaves vast numbers of the population unable to access government programs because of language barriers.

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The Made in India Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, 'Jugalbandi,' is set to revolutionize access to government services for residents of Indian villages. Developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Microsoft Research, AI4Bharat, and OpenNyAI, this cutting-edge chatbot leverages generative AI to empower individuals with easier and more convenient access to essential programs. Let's delve into the features and functionality of Jugalbandi, the innovative chatbot that aims to bridge language barriers and enhance the lives of millions of Indians.


What are the features of Jugalbandi?

A 'Chatbot Plus Plus'

Jugalbandi has earned accolades for its exceptional capabilities, earning it the reputation of a "personalized agent." By understanding users' queries in their native language, Jugalbandi delivers reliable and cost-effective information, even if it exists in another language within a database. This unique feature sets Jugalbandi apart, ensuring users receive tailored assistance.


Consolidated Answers

Unlike traditional web searches that often present users with long lists of links, Jugalbandi stands out for its ability to provide consolidated answers. This approach streamlines the user experience, offering precise and comprehensive information promptly.

What is the idea behind the name 'Jugalbandi'? 


The name 'Jugalbandi' draws inspiration from Indian classical music, where it refers to a duet between two musicians. Similarly, the AI-driven assistant collaborates with language models from AI4Bharat, a government initiative, to offer users seamless access to relevant information. Accessible through the popular mobile messaging platform WhatsApp, Jugalbandi ensures ease of use for all.

What are the languages supported by Jugalbandi? 

As an AI chatbot designed for India's diverse linguistic landscape, Jugalbandi supports 10 out of the 22 official Indian languages. This expansive language support enables it to cater to a broad range of users, breaking down language barriers and connecting individuals to 171 government programs.


How to Use AI Chatbot Jugalbandi? 

Initiating the Chat

Users can begin their interaction with Jugalbandi by sending a text or audio message to a designated WhatsApp number. This action triggers the chatbot's response mechanism, initiating a conversation that addresses users' queries.


Transcription and Translation

The chatbot employs the AI4Bharat speech recognition model to transcribe incoming messages into text format. Following transcription, the Bhashini translation model, developed by AI4Bharat and launched by the government in July 2022, translates the text into English. This comprehensive translation process ensures that users can communicate effectively with the chatbot.

Which Technology does JugalBandi use?


Jugalbandi harnesses the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT as its underlying technology. Based on user prompts, the chatbot retrieves relevant information about government schemes. This information is then translated into Hindi and synthesized using the AI4Bharat text-to-speech model before being sent back to the user's WhatsApp account, providing them with an auditory response.

By seamlessly integrating speech recognition, translation, and text-to-speech technologies, Jugalbandi delivers an immersive and user-centric experience for individuals seeking government assistance.

In a country where language barriers often hinder access to crucial information, Jugalbandi emerges as a game-changing solution. With its ability to comprehend and respond to queries in multiple Indian languages, this innovative chatbot enables millions of Indians to engage with government programs effortlessly.