Tamil Nadu Technology Hub To Set-up First-Ever Deep Tech Network

Academia, startups, and corporations join forces in Tamil Nadu to unlock groundbreaking tech. Discover how iTNT Hub is building a first-ever Deep Tech network to change the game. iTNT Day will feature over 50 MoUs with global partners. Read to explore.

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Tamil Nadu Technology Hub (iTNT Hub) is forging a Deep Tech Innovation Network, harnessing the collective power of startups, innovators, researchers, incubators, academia, government bodies, and international partners to drive transformative global innovation.


iTNT Hub established by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY, GoI), and Information Technology and Digital Services Department (IT&DS, GoTN), along with industry support, is celebrating its first iTNT Day in Chennai on July 11.

This event will be a major showcase of Tamil Nadu's emerging and deep tech capabilities. It is expected that over 50 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) will be exchanged, fostering collaborations with global corporate giants, innovation hubs, startup facilitation bodies, and leading educational institutions.

“This event sets the tone for our landmark initiatives in 2024-25, building the future of deep tech and emerging tech startups in Tamil Nadu,” said Tmt. Vanitha Venugopal, CEO of iTNT Hub.


The event will feature a keynote address by the Minister for IT & Digital Services, Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, who will engage with industry leaders, academicians, and startup founders.

“We call upon industry leaders to join us in nurturing Tamil Nadu’s deep tech landscape,” Dr. Rajan emphasized.

Additionally, S. Krishnan, Secretary of MeitY, will present insights on the forthcoming National Deep Tech Startup Policy, aimed at fostering innovation across various sectors. Dheeraj Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary of IT & Digital Services, will discuss the strides made by the department to enhance Tamil Nadu's deep tech ecosystem.


Catalyzing Innovation Through MoUs

The exchange of over 50 MoUs is a significant highlight of iTNT Day, facilitating collaborations with global corporate giants and innovation houses. These agreements are expected to nurture the emerging and deep tech landscape in Tamil Nadu, driving forward the region's innovation capabilities.

Prominent Panels and Discussions


One of the day's key features is a tech transfer of patented research from academicians to corporates, alongside a thought-provoking panel discussion on the “Role of Academia, Startups, Government, and Industry in Intellectual Property & Tech Transfer for Deep Tech Innovations.” This panel will include eminent patent holders, startups, legal authorities, and government officials, aimed at propelling innovations through patented technologies by connecting researchers with startups and corporate houses.

What is iTNT Hub

Established by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY, GoI) and the Information Technology and Digital Services Department (IT&DS, GoTN), iTNT Hub is a pioneering initiative to create a Deep Tech Innovation Network. Inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K. Stalin, in May 2023, the Hub operates from the Sir C V Raman Science Block at Anna University Campus, Kotturpuram, Chennai.


The Hub focuses on sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Space Tech, Robotics, Healthcare, Cyber Security, Creative Tech, and High Value SaaS. It supports startups by incubating, accelerating, and facilitating them, alongside co-incubating those from deep tech incubators across Tamil Nadu. In a recent budget session, Dr. Rajan announced the forthcoming Tamil Nadu DeepTech Policy, with iTNT Hub set to anchor this first-of-its-kind policy in India.

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