PM Modi Dedicates New Parliament House To The Nation

What happened at the launch of New Parliament House? How this new New Parliament will help forging new paths? What did PM Modi say at this historic day? Read on to know more about it!

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PM Modi Dedicates New Parliament House To The Nation

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Key Highlights Of The Day

  • Releases Commemorative Coin & Stamp
  • New Parliament is a reflection of aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indians
  • Installation of Sengol at New Parliament
  • Modi Govt completes 9 years
  • “It is the resolution of 140 crore Indians that consecrates the New Parliament”: said PM

In a momentous event , Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the new Parliament House to the nation. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the installation of the Sengol with Nandi, lighting of the Diya, and offering of flowers. Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister highlighted the significance of this historic day and congratulated the people of India on this glorious occasion.

New Parliament Building: A Symbol of India's Aspirations

The Prime Minister emphasized that the new Parliament House is not just a building but a reflection of the aspirations and dreams of 1.4 billion Indians. Describing it as a temple of democracy, he stated that the new structure conveys India's determination and resolution to the world. The Prime Minister highlighted the symbolism of the new building, connecting ancient traditions with modernity and serving as a medium to realize the dreams of the freedom fighters.

PM, the Speaker, Lok Sabha, Shri Om Birla and the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Shri Harivansh standing for National Anthem during the inauguration ceremony at new Parliament House, in New Delhi on May 28, 2023.

How New Parliament House Will Help Forging New Paths?

Acknowledging the transformative journey of the new India, the Prime Minister emphasized the country's new energy, zeal, enthusiasm, and thinking. He expressed that India's determination and progress inspire the world, asserting that when India moves forward, the world moves forward. The Prime Minister underlined that the new Parliament House would contribute to the development of the world through India's own progress.

PM at new Parliament House, in New Delhi on May 28, 2023.

How New Parliament Represent Indian Tradition and Democracy?

Referring to the sacred Sengol, the Prime Minister highlighted its significance in the Chola empire as a symbol of service, duty, and nation. He expressed gratitude for the restoration of the dignity of this sacred symbol, which would continue to inspire the proceedings in the House. The Prime Minister emphasized that India, being the mother of democracy, has a rich tradition and culture deeply rooted in democratic principles. He mentioned references from ancient texts like the Vedas and the Mahabharata, emphasizing India's long-standing commitment to democracy.

A Blend of Heritage and Modernity

The Prime Minister underscored the blend of heritage and modernity in the new Parliament House. He highlighted the incorporation of elements such as Vastu (architecture), Kala (art), and Sanskriti (culture) within the building. The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha interiors were themed on the national bird peacock and national flower lotus, respectively. The building also showcased the specialties of different regions of the country, such as granite from Rajasthan, timber from Maharashtra, and carpets crafted by Bhadohi artisans. The Prime Minister emphasized that the new Parliament House embodies the spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (One India, Great India).

Why Old Parliament Building Was Not Enough?

The Prime Minister addressed the challenges faced in the old Parliament building and highlighted the need for a new facility with advanced technology and adequate seating. He expressed delight that the new Parliament House is equipped with the latest technology and boasts well-lit halls. The Prime Minister also acknowledged the contribution of the 60,000 shramiks (workers) employed during the construction of the Parliament, immortalizing their efforts through a dedicated gallery.

9 Years Of Modi

Reflecting on the past nine years, the Prime Minister regarded them as a period of reconstruction and upliftment of the poor. He expressed satisfaction with various measures taken, including the provision of houses for the poor, toilets, road connectivity, and the development of Panchayat Bhawans (village council buildings). The Prime Minister emphasized that the development of the nation and its people has been the guiding inspiration from Panchayat Bhawans to the Parliament.

India's Glorious Past and Promising Future

Drawing parallels between India's historic struggle for independence and the present era, the Prime Minister highlighted the significance of the Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal (period of independence) in shaping India's future. He emphasized the responsibility to develop India into a prosperous and developed nation in the next 25 years, coinciding with the completion of 100 years of independence. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that India's progress would inspire other nations, and the nation's determination would become the strength of many countries.

Nation First, Path of Duty : PM Modi At New Parliament

The Prime Minister urged the nation to prioritize the path of duty, setting an example through conduct and constant self-improvement. He stressed the importance of empowering the poor, backward, and marginalized sections of society. The Prime Minister emphasized that every decision taken in the new Parliament House would be dedicated to the welfare of the poor and contribute to making India a developed nation with ample opportunities for its citizens.

The new Parliament House is a reflection of the aspirations of new India.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) May 28, 2023

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the new Parliament House would lay the foundation for a new, prosperous, strong, and developed India. He highlighted the importance of policy, justice, truth, dignity, and duty in the nation's progress and concluded by invoking the spirit of unity and progress that would strengthen India. The Speaker of Lok Sabha, Shri Om Birla, and the Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha, Shri Harivansh Narayan Singh, were among the dignitaries present at the ceremony.