Sky's No Limit: Know All About AIM & CSIRO's RISE Accelerator Program

Atal Innovation Mission and Australia's CSIRO are jointly launching the RISE Accelerator Program for tech startups, fostering cross-border innovation. Explore the benefits for startups, eligibility criteria, and the application process in the article.

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To foster cross-border collaboration and innovation, the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) in collaboration with Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, is launching the India Australia Rapid Innovation and Start-up Expansion (RISE) Accelerator Program. This purpose-built initiative is poised to provide critical support to tech-based start-ups from both nations, propelling them towards creating a lasting impact on social, economic, and environmental fronts.


India Australia RISE Program

In a tweet, the Atal Innovation Mission said today, “Launching RISE Accelerator Program! Join us on an exhilarating journey to transform the innovation landscape cross-border. Let's empower startups, nurture ideas and fuel the spirit of entrepreneurship. Explore the limitless opportunities that await at #RISEAcceleratorProgram.”


How Will RISE Accelerator Program Support Startups?

The RISE Accelerator Program is set to offer mission-critical support to start-ups addressing crucial national challenges in both Australia and India. By leveraging technology-led innovation, cross-border collaboration, and ecosystem integration, the program aims to create a sustainable impact on a global scale.


What Are The Focus Themes of RISE Accelerator Program?

The program's thematic focus centers on Environment and Climate Technology. It is specifically tailored to accelerate start-ups engaged in Climate Smart Agriculture, Clean Energy, Circular Economy and Waste Management, and Climate Smart Mobility. These thematic areas reflect a commitment to addressing pressing global challenges and fostering solutions that align with sustainable development goals.

The Cohort Details


The RISE Accelerator Program is set to welcome 10 to 15 start-ups from India and Australia. The selected start-ups will embark on an intensive 8-month journey, during which they will receive comprehensive support to refine and scale their innovations.

Why Participate in RISE Accelerator?

  • Value Porposition for Startups: The RISE Accelerator Program offers a unique value proposition to participating start-ups
  • Government Funding and Access to VCs: Start-ups will have the opportunity to secure funding from government sources and gain access to venture capitalists, facilitating their growth trajectory.
  • Structured Pathways and Guidance: The program provides structured pathways and expert guidance to navigate the early stages of cross-border expansion, ensuring a smoother journey for start-ups.
  • Mentorship and SME Access: Participants will gain invaluable access to mentors and subject matter experts from both India and Australia, enriching their knowledge base and fostering strategic growth.
  • Market Validation Opportunities: Start-ups will have the chance to pilot, adapt, and validate their technologies in a new market, opening doors to unprecedented opportunities.
  • Fast-tracked Connections: The program facilitates fast-tracked connections to partners and potential customers in a new market, streamlining the market-entry process.
  • Enhanced Credibility: By participating in the RISE Accelerator Program, start-ups gain credibility and recognition as innovators with the potential to succeed on a global scale.

Who Can Participate?

AIM and CSIRO have invited the start-ups in India and Australia that meet the following criteria:

  • Innovative Technology: Start-ups should possess innovative technology aligned with the program's thematic areas and demonstrating high potential impact.
  • Commercialized in Home Country: The technology should be market-ready and already commercialized in the home country.
  • Expansion Focus: Start-ups should exhibit a keen interest in expanding their operations either in India or Australia.

How To Participate In RISE Accelerator Program?

To express interest and participate in the RISE Accelerator Program, start-ups are encouraged to fill out the application form available at This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in cross-border innovation, where start-ups can contribute to transformative solutions and become key players in the global entrepreneurial landscape.

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