Shepreneur Shakti: From Cred To Vaaree, Meet The Inspiring Naari

The 'Shepreneur Shakti' series is a tribute to women entrepreneurs who have created their own unique niche in the Startup ecosystem. The series showcases their journeys, challenges, successes, and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Shreshtha Verma
03 Mar 2023
Shepreneur Shakti: From Cred To Vaaree, Meet The Inspiring Naari

TICE Shepreneur Shakti, Garima Luthra, Founder and CEO of Vaaree

As a part of our Shepreneur Shakti series dedicated to Women's Day, we're excited to share our latest video featuring Garima Luthra, the Founder and CEO of Vaaree - a curated marketplace for home furnishings. 

Garima is a fierce woman who has been able to lead her startup to great heights of success despite having a family and other responsibilities.

The Naari Behind Vaaree

Starting a business is never easy, especially when you're a woman. Garima faced several challenges in her journey as an entrepreneur. One of the biggest challenges she faced was breaking into the highly competitive and male-dominated home furnishing market. She had to work hard to establish her brand and make it stand out from the competition.

Additionally, Garima had to juggle the demands of her startup with the responsibilities of being a homemaker and a wife. Managing her time and prioritizing tasks was crucial for her success. She had to be very efficient and focused to ensure that her business was running smoothly while also taking care of her family.

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Watch the Full Episode Of ‘Shepreneur Shakti’ With Garima Luthra, Founder & CEO, Vaaree On TICE TV

As we continue to celebrate women entrepreneurs, we invite you to stay tuned for the fourth episode of "Shepreneur Shakti" on TICE TV, where we will feature yet another inspiring female entrepreneur who has made her mark in the industry. Stay connected with us to read more enticing startup stories!

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