MedTech Startup: What If Your Socks Could Monitor Your Blood Glucose?

Can smart socks help India’s millions of diabetics? Feetwings claims so. These high-tech socks monitor blood sugar levels and alert users to potential complications. Despite accuracy doubts, MedTech innovations are transforming healthcare in India.

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As of March 2024, an estimated 77 million people in India over the age of 18 have type 2 diabetes, and almost 25 million are prediabetics. This means that India has the second largest diabetes epidemic in the world, after China.

With the growing number of Diabetes Patients in India, innovative MedTech solutions to monitor and maintain blood sugar levels are crucial for a healthier population. Healthcare Startups are emerging with innovative groundbreaking solutions, and one such innovative player is Feetwings.

Introducing Feetwings


Hrithik Jaiswal, a software engineer and co-founder of FeetWings, developed a non-invasive technique to monitor blood sugar levels and raise alerts if they are high or low. Can smart socks help India’s millions of diabetics? Feetwings claims so. These high-tech socks monitor blood sugar levels and alert users to potential complications, potentially revolutionizing diabetes care. Despite past doubts about MedTech accuracy, such innovations are transforming healthcare in India.

FeetWings is a smart wearable company that aims to provide a solution to diabetes and related complications at an affordable rate.

TICE News had a conversation with Hrithik to know about his journey of innovation and how he aims at changing the lives of thousands of diabetic patients. With his unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those with diabetes, Hrithik has harnessed the potential of smart textiles and cutting-edge sensors to create the revolutionary FeetWings smart socks. This remarkable invention offers early warning and management of diabetic complications, from neuropathy to hyperglycemia, all through a simple and innovative wearable.


The Genesis of FeetWings

Hrithik Jaiswal began his journey when he was just is his first year of college, motivated by personal experiences with diabetes in his family.

"Since diabetes has been a prominent and long-term issue with my family, I have seen the plight of diabetes. Even my father is diabetic and had to prick his finger almost daily to check his blood glucose levels," Hrithik explains.

His educational background in biotechnology made it a natural choice for him to venture into this field. "It has been about five years, and now FeetWings has become one of the most sought-after smart textile wearable devices in healthcare. We are in the manufacturing phase and believe the product will soon be available in the market."


Challenges and Motivations for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Hrithik advises students and aspiring entrepreneurs on the importance of finding the right partners and guidance. "Getting the right co-founders and guidance is crucial. Government funding is also on the rise in the startup ecosystem, so it's worth exploring those avenues."

He emphasizes the shift in the startup ecosystem, highlighting the support available from government and incubation centers. "Every college has its own incubator to support startups, with schemes from the government like SISFS or the BIRAC Seed Fund. The initial push is essential."


The Mission and Technology Behind Feetwings

FeetWings aims to provide non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and an easy management system for diabetics.

Hrithik elaborates, "The smart sock is designed to alert users about potential complications, such as foot ulcers, before they manifest clinically. This is crucial for those with neuropathy, where nerve damage leads to a lack of sensation and awareness of foot injuries."

The smart yarn embedded with sensors monitors the seven most vulnerable spots on the sole of the feet, providing real-time alerts. "The yarn has embedded pressure and temperature sensors that detect high-pressure zones or temperature changes, which are indicators of potential ulcers. This alerts users up to 30 days before a clinical ulcer manifests," says Hrithik.


Future Plans and Market Reach

FeetWings plans to expand its reach and impact by making the product available online and targeting a broad age group.

"Our product will be available online on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart by January 2024. We use a subscription model, offering six pairs of socks and two pairs of readers for Rs 4,799 per year," Hrithik states.

FeetWings also has plans to miniaturize the product for broader accessibility.

"We aim to develop a smaller, more compact form factor, like a patch or a coin-sized unit, making it affordable and accessible even in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities."

A Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Hrithik encourages students with innovative ideas to take the first step.

"The hardest part is taking the first step. Ensure you have the right people and that your idea resonates with a large audience. Just take that one step."

Hrithik's journey with FeetWings offers a glimpse into the future of diabetic care. His innovative approach and dedication to improving diabetic management provide hope and inspiration for both patients and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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