Influences of Tech Giants on Digital-Age Startup Ambitions

Explore innovation & entrepreneurship with Mr Subhajit Bhattacharya, a tech expert who works as a distinguished professional in a Fortune 500 co. Learn how industry giants, tech leaders, & govt initiatives are shaping India's entrepreneurial landscape.

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The journey to entrepreneurial success begins with the insights of those who have traversed the path less taken in a world fueled by innovation and entrepreneurship. Subhajit Bhattacharya, a distinguished professional working in a Fortune 500 company and with a prior experience of working at companies like IBM and Bank of America, Niti Ayog. Presently associated with one of the corporate titans, Shubhajit shares his valuable perspective on the role of technology in transforming startup landscape in India.

His interview unveils ideas, spanning from the empowerment of young Indian talent by industry giants like Google, Deloitte, and TCS to the transformative role played by technology behemoths like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Additionally, Bhattacharya reveals the dynamic initiatives taken by government bodies such as NITI Ayog and the Startup20 Engagement Group in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in India.

As the conversation unfolds, he imparts strategies for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on fruitful careers and venture into the world of mega-corporations or innovative startups. He was speaking on the sidelines of an annual event Erudition organized by the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics. TICE was the media partner at the event.

How Google, Deloitte, and TCS Empowers Indian Talents?

The Erudition event highlighted the pivotal role large corporations play in nurturing young Indian talent. Mr. Bhattacharya said that companies like Google, Deloitte, and TCS have introduced platforms for startup accelerators. These platforms provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their ideas, products, or services. Successful candidates not only gain exposure but also secure essential resources for development, scaling, marketing, and branding. This support has proven to be a boon for startups.

"So nowadays like many of the big companies as you have said some of the names like Google or Deloitte or even TCS, have introduced several platforms for these startup accelerators wherein if you have got your idea if you have come up with some MVP and if you have something to present so it may happen that they will give you a platform where you can exhibit what you call the product or the service and fall into that. If that gets qualified then certainly you will get into the next phase wherein you may go ahead and collaborate with the organizations. Organisations will basically give you the needful resources to go ahead and develop this one as a working solution so that like you can very well scale it up and you can ensure the reachability of your product to a larger mass and also you may get needful support for the marketing, promotion and the branding. So these are some of the support that you may get while getting engaged with some of the big organizations," Mr Bhattacharya shared. 

How Tech Giants Are Shaping Indian Aspirations?

Technological behemoths such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have a profound influence on shaping the aspirations of India's youth. The cloud revolution, in particular, has democratized access to infrastructure, enabling startups with limited budgets to thrive. Furthermore, the advent of no-code and low-code environments have empowered non-technical entrepreneurs to create prototypes and minimum-viable products, attracting investors and accelerators.

"We are in the phase wherein we are no longer talking about the infrastructure part because everything has gone onto the cloud. So that has actually brought a lot of advantages to these startups. Startups don't have that much of a budget to procure a lot of infrastructure they can very well subscribe to the cloud platform and can very well leverage some of the resources from the cloud and they can very well host their application onto the cloud platform. I have seen many of these startups in the earlier phases struggling to develop the MVPs, they didn't have much technical acumen but now with the no-code environment or zero-code environment, I have seen students or the young Entreprenes who are not from the technical background can very well develop even a kind of prototype at least of MVP sort of thing which can very be showcased to the investors where they can get some of the benefits to further nurture their product to a level from where they can mobilize and commercialize that one," mentioned Mr Bhattacharya. 

Government Initiatives and Startup Promotion

Mr. Bhattacharya also highlighted the significant role played by government organizations like NITI Ayog and the Startup20 Engagement Group in promoting entrepreneurship. The Indian government is providing crucial initial funding to startups giving these emerging companies a financial boost. Additionally, these organizations connect startups with experienced mentors and forge partnerships with academic institutions, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among students. Platforms like "Marg" and "Startup India" further assist startups in finding suitable mentors.

Strategies for Career Development

When it comes to career development, especially for students, Mr. Bhattacharya emphasized several key strategies. Firstly, he advised students to seize every opportunity to acquire knowledge, leveraging a wealth of online and offline resources. Sharing ideas and collaborating with like-minded individuals, whether faculty or peers, can significantly enhance one's learning experience. Experience-based learning, through analyzing use cases and case studies, helps develop analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, Mr. Bhattacharya encouraged students to adopt an entrepreneurial approach. Identifying real-world problems and implementing innovative solutions can not only enrich one's academic experience but also pave the way for potential startup ventures. The journey from idea to startup can be an exciting and rewarding one, as entrepreneurial success stories are increasingly common.

Mr. Subhajit Bhattacharya's insights into how large corporations, technological giants, and government initiatives are contributing to India's entrepreneurial ecosystem can help the aspiring entrepreneurs and students. 

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