Teacher's Day Special: Learning from Shepreneurs

Let's have a look at the wisdom shared by the visionary women entrepreneurs who have shattered stereotypes, seized opportunities, maintained unwavering focus and harnessed their inner strength.

Shreshtha Verma
New Update

Teachers' Day is an occasion that goes beyond honoring traditional educators; it's a day to celebrate the diverse sources of inspiration in our lives. While we often think of teachers as those who impart knowledge in classrooms, there are remarkable individuals outside of academia who teach us equally important life lessons.

In this Teacher's Day special feature article, we shine a spotlight on five exceptional female entrepreneurs who have not only achieved remarkable success in their respective fields but have also generously shared their wisdom along the way. These women have become mentors and role models in their own right, inspiring countless others to take bold steps, pursue their dreams, and navigate the complex terrain of entrepreneurship. Their journeys are marked by resilience, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to personal and professional growth.

Break the Stereotypes and Mix It Up

Dr. Anasuya Roy, Founder, of Nanosafe Solutions, a visionary entrepreneur, challenges the conventional notion that life must be neatly compartmentalized into distinct phases – education, career, family, and so on. Instead, she advocates for a more holistic approach to life, one that embraces a dynamic blend of experiences at every stage.

According to her, women are capable of successfully managing multiple facets of their lives concurrently, provided they master the art of effective time management. Her message is clear: shatter the constraints of societal stereotypes and craft a life that is uniquely yours.

Seize the Opportunity

Poonam Gupta from PG Papers is an embodiment of entrepreneurial acumen.

She underscores the critical importance of recognizing and seizing opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of business. In the age of technology and the internet, where mentorship is readily accessible and countless success stories serve as inspiration, Gupta believes that the timing has never been more favorable for embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors.

By diligently focusing on the right sources of inspiration and making calculated risks, she demonstrates that tenacity can lead to inexorable success.

Stay Focused and Organized

Surbhi Bansal, co-founder, Nirmalaya, who turned from a CA to entrepreneur, likens the journey of running a startup to a perpetual 24-hour commitment.

She underscores the absolute necessity of unwavering focus, dedication, and motivation throughout the entrepreneurial voyage. Bansal attributes much of her discipline to her teachers, who instilled in her the value of a well-structured timetable. This timeless lesson remains an integral part of her life, enabling her to maintain order amidst chaos and attain a balanced existence.

Believe in Yourself

Dr. Sarita Ahlawat, MD and Co-founder of Botlabs, underscores the paramount significance of self-belief and resilience. In a world inundated with external voices that can often be distracting and discouraging, she implores aspiring entrepreneurs to harbor unwavering faith in themselves and their abilities.

According to Ahlawat, every individual is unique and contributes significantly to society. By staying true to one's core identity, setting audacious goals, and persevering through adversity, success becomes an achievable reality.

Patience, Perseverance, and Grit

Abhilasha Bahuguna, Co-founder, Looms of Ladakh, a stalwart in her field, underscores the indispensable qualities of patience, perseverance, and grit on the journey to entrepreneurial success.

She believes that these attributes are woven into the very fabric of many women's upbringing and social conditioning. The key, she emphasizes, lies in harnessing these innate qualities and deploying them effectively in the entrepreneurial realm. Bahuguna serves as a testament to the notion that with the right mindset, any challenge can be transformed into an opportunity for growth.

As we celebrate Teachers' Day, let us broaden our definition of educators to encompass these extraordinary female entrepreneurs. Their experiences and insights transcend the business realm and offer invaluable lessons for life itself. They encourage us to challenge stereotypes, seize opportunities, maintain unwavering focus, nurture self-belief, and leverage our inner reservoirs of strength. In doing so, they empower us to forge our own paths and make a lasting impact on the world, much like the educators who have guided us along the way.