Startup Mixer: How NASSCOM Centre of Excellence Support Startups?

What is Startup Mixer? How NASSCOM Centre of Excellence IoT supports startups? How can you reach out to NASSCOM for incubation? Get answers to all these questions in this exclusive interview with Mr. Naman Kothari of NASSCOM CoE IoT.

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Startups, the cool thinkers and innovators, are super important for making our world better. They come up with fresh ideas that not only help the economy grow but also make technology better. And you know what? The support these startups get is like their secret weapon in turning their ideas into something real and impactful. Lately, NASSCOM Centre of Excellence IoT, which is like a guide for startups, helping them shine and connect with important people in the business world.

Recently, the NASSCOM Centre of Excellence IoT, in collaboration with the Reserve Bank of India Innovation Hub, introduced the Delhi edition of Startup Mixer—a revolutionary platform designed to propel emerging startups into the limelight and connect them with key players in the industry.

In an exclusive conversation, Mr. Naman Kothari, Head of Partnerships and Innovation at NASSCOM, CoE IoT sheds light on the essence and significance of the Startup Mixer, as well as the unique approach employed by NASSCOM CoE to foster the growth of startups.

What is Startup Mixer?

Mr. Kothari began the conversation by emphasizing  that communities are super important for startups, kind of like how oil is important for machines.

"The Startup Mixers are events where new and small businesses can show off their cool ideas and technologies. It's like a big stage for them to talk about their solutions in front of different kinds of people, like creative thinkers, investors, big bosses from industries, and even institutions like RBI," he explained.

These mixers aren't just about getting money for the startups; they're more about finding ways to put their ideas into action by connecting them with people who can use their solutions.

He shared that NASSCOM CoE is working together with a bunch of diverse organizations, like companies that make things, those who build tractors, big car companies, hospitals, and even a bank called IDFC First Bank. The interesting thing is, NASSCOM CoE doesn't stick to just one type of industry. They're open to working with all kinds of companies, and they call this a "sector-agnostic" approach. What that really means is they're ready to collaborate and create new and exciting things with anyone, no matter what kind of business they're in. This way, NASSCOM CoE is creating a mix of ideas from different areas, which sparks innovation and helps everyone come up with unique solutions together.

"The sector-agnostic approach allows NASSCOM CoE to collaborate with a diverse range of corporates, fostering innovation and co-creation," he noted.

NASSCOM CoE's Approach to Support Startups

Mr. Kothari went on to explain how NASSCOM CoE does things differently. He pointed out that NASSCOM is really engaged in something called "industry connect." This means they actively work with different types of businesses to understand the problems they're facing.

Once they figure out the challenges, NASSCOM CoE suggests ways to solve them using new and advanced technologies. To illustrate, Mr. Kothari shared a success story where a well-known diagnostic lab chain, Dr. Lal Path Labs, faced a problem. NASSCOM CoE stepped in with an innovative solution—a remote digital microscope. Now, this technology isn't just a cool idea; it's actually being used by the lab chain in 30 different centre's across India. This example highlights NASSCOM CoE's dedication to making sure their creative solutions don't just stay ideas; they become real-life solutions that help various industries.

Futher, discussing the geographical reach of Startup Mixers, Mr. Kothari revealed the plan to take the initiative pan-India. Starting from Bangalore and Delhi, the mixers will soon be hosted in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and other states, aiming to tap into diverse startup communities, nurture them, and connect them with potential adopters.

NASSCOM CoE's Sector Agnostic Approach

While fintech startups took centre stage in the Delhi edition of Startup Mixer, Mr. Kothari emphasized that NASSCOM CoE's program is sector-agnostic. The only criteria for scouting startups involve the presence of innovative technologies and solutions that create a tangible impact. NASSCOM CoE actively evaluates the impact of startups, ensuring a balance between innovation and usefulness.

Beyond Startup Mixers, NASSCOM CoE is deeply involved in several initiatives, particularly in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Initiatives such as the Healthcare Innovation Challenge, Life Sciences Healthcare Innovation Forum, and Manufacturing Innovation Challenge underscore NASSCOM's commitment to driving innovation across diverse domains.

How To Connecti With NASSCOM CoE?

For budding entrepreneurs seeking to connect with NASSCOM, Mr. Kothari outlined a straightforward process. Interested individuals can simply visit the NASSCOM centre of Excellence website, fill out an application form, and expect a response within 24 hours. Alternatively, NASSCOM has physical centres across India where entrepreneurs can visit, explore cutting-edge technologies, and engage with the startup ecosystem.

In response to a question about the selection criteria for startups, Mr. Kothari emphasized three key factors. The solution must be unique, incorporating cutting-edge technology, preferably AI or IoT. It should be a product-based solution with a focus on solving real-world problems and creating a significant impact. The screening committee evaluates applications and organizes pitching sessions to identify startups with the potential for incubation.

As the interview concluded, Mr. Kothari conveyed a message to the aspiring entrepreneurs in the TICE community. He urged them to focus on two crucial aspects: innovation and impact. Stressing the importance of both elements, he emphasized that they are the keys to success in the dynamic and competitive startup landscape.

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