Startup to Global Expansion, See How Trescon Is Transforming Tech?

From a small startup to a global player, find out how Trescon did it. In an exclusive chat with Mr. Andrew Chiu, uncover the cool secrets behind their success and big plans for the future.

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Startup Global Expansion DATE 2023 Trescon Transforming Tech

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In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, organizations worldwide are playing pivotal roles in driving innovation to the forefront. Among them, Trescon stands out as a dynamic force, demonstrating cutting-edge events that bring together thought leaders, visionaries, and tech enthusiasts.

Recently, the spotlight was on  Digital Acceleration & Transformation Expo 2023, an event organised by Trescon, and in an exclusive conversation, TICE had the privilege of sitting down with Mr. Andrew Chiu, the Senior Director & Global BU Head at Trescon.

In this compelling interview on the sidelines of DATE 2023, Chiu sheds light on the company's evolution, vision, and the strategic importance of India in their operations.

Watch this one-on-one conversation here:

Trescon's Genesis and Growth

Trescon, once a startup founded by Mr. Machete and Swan, has transformed into a global entity with a vision that combines realism and achievability. Mr. Chiu emphasized the dedication and hard work of the team, which has led to the organization's rapid expansion. From hosting events like big CEO shows to BFSI exhibitions, Trescon has diversified its portfolio, especially in response to emerging technologies.

With over 250 employees and offices in Bangalore, Manipal, Mangalore, and Dubai, Trescon is eyeing further global expansion. Mr. Chiu hinted at the announcement of the Trescon Foundation during the interview, marking the beginning of a new phase for the organization, with plans to include additional business segments in the coming years.

The Way Ahead for Trescon India

India, with its vast market and technological potential, holds a pivotal position in Trescon's growth strategy. Mr. Chiu expressed admiration for India's ability to adopt various technologies, making it a key market for the company. He suggested that India is on the verge of becoming the next tech hub after China.

Indian Technology and Talent

Discussing his personal experience with Indian technology, Mr. Chiu highlighted the abundance of talent in the country. CEOs of many global companies hail from India, showcasing the nation's prowess in technology. The skill set and communication abilities of Indian professionals make the country an attractive destination for global investments.

The DATE event, encompassing streams like AI, cloud, cybersecurity, Metaverse, and customer experience, has been a significant endeavor for Trescon. Looking forward, Mr. Chiu outlined plans to strengthen existing pillars while incorporating emerging technologies. The abundant pool of developers in India positions the country as a key market for future engagements.

Learnings from DATE 2023

Reflecting on the current event, Mr. Chiu expressed awe at the overwhelming response. With over 7,000 registrations compared to the typical 100-300 attendees, the interest in in-depth technological knowledge was palpable. This has inspired Trescon to focus more on verticals like AI, quantum computing, and cybersecurity in the upcoming DATE events.

Navigating Technology with Simplicity

Mr. Chiu wrapped up the interview by sharing his personal mantra for staying abreast of technology - keeping it simple. Emphasizing the importance of following the right processes, he believes that this approach ensures everything falls into place in the dynamic tech landscape.

As Trescon charts its course into the future, DATE 2023 stands as a testament to the company's commitment to technological innovation and collaboration on a global scale.

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