It's Her Time: A Startup Who Is Making Female Drivers A New Normal

Whenever we see a woman driving on the road, we often can't help but turn our heads at least once, right? Well, that's exactly why Garima Gupta is breaking all stereotypes! Tune into TICE TV to find out how!

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Bold & Beautiful Startup Story || Garima Gupta - A Coporate Turned Entrepreneur!

Imagine you're leaving work late, phone glued to your ear, practically sprinting to the nearest cab. Every passing car feels like it's following you a little too closely, and the streetlights cast creepy shadows that make your skin crawl. Sound familiar? Yeah, most women have been there.

That was Garima Gupta's life for years. Even as a tough lady who hustled in the Delhi-NCR corporate world, that late-night cab ride always brought a knot to her stomach. It wasn't just the deserted streets; it was the constant feeling of being on edge, not knowing who you were getting into a car with.


But Garima wasn't one to just sit there and worry. She thought, "Why can't women feel safe getting home, no matter the time?" Why couldn't there be a cab service that actually understood what women go through, run by women themselves?

That's how Bold and Beautiful, or B&B for short, came to life.

Bold & Beautiful Cabs


Bold & Beautiful is popularly known as B&B cabs. It a Delhi-NCR based cab service company that is for women by women! Presently, the app has eight female cab drivers associated with it. But let us tell you that Bold and Beautiful isn't just a name, it's a feeling. It's the confidence you exude as you step out at night, knowing your ride home is secure. It's the sense of community you experience when you connect with a fellow woman behind the wheel. It's the quiet strength you carry within, knowing you can navigate any situation. To know more about Garima and her startup story, tune into the video above!

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