Spotlight on Success: The Leading Startup Sectors of 2024

In 2023, India's startup scene encountered challenges such as funding issues, layoffs, and valuation drops. Predictions for 2024 spotlight sectors like green energy, space tech, AI, and agri-tech. Read on to know about the evolving startup landscape.

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Shining Startup Sectors

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As the 2023 passes by, India's startup landscape reflects a mixed bag of triumphs and tribulations. The year was marred by a funding winter and other challenges like mass layoff, valuations fallouts, causing some notable casualties like Byju's. Only two startups managed to attain the coveted Unicorn status, and several sectors, which thrived in 2022, witnessed a downturn.


However, amid the challenges, the ecosystem underwent a transformative journey, prompting strategic reassessment and realignment for both startups and investors.

Key Industries Poised for Growth in 2024: Insights from Industry Experts

Sector-Wise Predictions: Charting a New Course in 2024


Despite the prevailing unpredictability, India's startup ecosystem has maintained an upward trajectory amid global challenges. Highlighting this resilience, we present a brief overview of sector-wise predictions for 2024, offering insights from experts.



In a conversation with TICE News, Co-founder of Indian Angel Network (IAN), Padmaja Ruparel, identifies several interesting sectors for the upcoming year, including space tech, biotech, GAI (General Artificial Intelligence), cyber, and the untapped potential in agriculture.


Ashish Jain

Mr Ashish Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, The Startup Board, says, "Identifying sectors with promising innovation potential, my top five choices include Green Energy (Renewable Solar/Wind/Electric), where sustainable solutions drive progress. Supply Chain and Logistics follow, undergoing optimization for enhanced efficiency. Healthcare and Medical Device Development emerge as frontrunners, with India contributing globally. Digital Commerce or eCommerce represents a thriving avenue connecting India to the world. Lastly, Energy Storage/Battery Technology and Management stand out, reflecting the significance of advancements in this critical field."

Looking Back to Move Forward: Capital and Emerging Tech Trends


The startup ecosystem, with over USD 20 billion of dry powder awaiting deployment, stands at the brink of transformation in 2024. Sectors like AI, fintech, and electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to lead the resurgence, buoyed by investor interest and government support. The path forward requires entrepreneurs to balance innovation with financial prudence, while investors focus on startups with long-term viability.

Agritech and Climatetech: A Green Revolution

The agriculture sector, spurred by new-age entrepreneurs, is embracing advanced technologies to enhance productivity and resilience. The global focus on agritech intensified during the pandemic, highlighting its crucial role in addressing the climate crisis. Experts predict a surge in India's climatetech startups, essential for achieving the government's ambitious net-zero emissions target by 2070.


Government's Embrace of AI

In 2024, the government's focus on  artificial intelligence (AI) is set to catalyze major regulatory reforms. Despite funding challenges and dwindling investor trust, the infusion of AI, especially in Healthtech, Edtech, and Agritech, offers hope for market expansion. The government's stance will wield significant influence, providing direction, security, and stability to the industry.

Sustainability-Focused Startups: Addressing the Climate Crisis


Experts highlight the potential of sustainability-focused startups in 2024. Climate tech innovators, working on renewable energy, carbon capture tools, low-emission agriculture, and green transport, are likely to attract increased investor interest. Resource optimization leaders focusing on water preservation, waste management, and circular economy approaches will also be attractive bets.

Mayuresh Raut

Mr Mayuresh Raut, Managing Partner at Seafund, says, “The pressing climate crisis is likely to channel more funding towards startups providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions across sectors.

For the Climate Tech Innovators, investor interest will grow in startups developing renewable energy, carbon capture tools, low-emission agriculture, green transport and other climate-positive technologies,” Mr Raut adds.

AI-Led Startups: Augmenting Human Capabilities

Experts emphasize the continued growth of India's AI and machine learning-driven startups in 2024. Their capacity to transform legacy processes across sectors through enhanced efficiency, automation, and data-based decision-making positions them for success. Industries like financial services, healthcare, retail, and cybersecurity are expected to witness increased investment due to the immense potential of AI technology.

India's artificial intelligence and machine learning driven startups are poised for continued growth in 2024, thanks to their capacity to transform legacy processes across diverse sectors through enhanced efficiency, automation and data-based decision making. Startups leveraging AI in fields like financial services, healthcare, retail, cybersecurity and more will attract investor attention and funding due to the immense potential of AI technology in augmenting human capabilities and optimising systems.

As digital transformation accelerates across industries, India's AI startups demonstrating agility in deploying intelligent algorithms to solve real-world problems and generate value are likely to thrive in the coming year. The applicability of AI across domains provides ample space for Indian entrepreneurs to innovate impactful and commercially viable solutions,” Raut says. 

Electric Mobility: Riding the Electrification Wave

With government policies supporting the transition to electric vehicles, startups in EV manufacturing, battery technology, and charging infrastructure are well-positioned for robust growth. The mounting concerns over pollution and climate change provide fertile ground for startups across the EV value chain to flourish.

Mr Raut opines, “India's electric vehicle ecosystem is poised for robust growth as government policies strongly back the transition from fossil fuel-based transport. Startups focused on EV manufacturing, battery technology, charging infrastructure and ancillary solutions are well-positioned to ride the electrification wave. With pollution and climate change concerns mounting, investors will be keenly watching startups driving innovations in EVs, batteries, public charging, fleet electrification, etc. Existing auto players are also foraying into EVs, creating fertile ground for startups across the EV value chain to flourish as this sector shifts into high gear.”

Cybersecurity: Safeguarding the Digital Realm

In the face of rising cyber threats, India's cybersecurity startups are set to gain traction. Startups focusing on threat monitoring, data breach prevention, firewalls, encryption, and malware detection will be pivotal in addressing the escalating global cyberattacks. Data protection laws, like the Personal Data Protection Bill, further emphasize the value of startups safeguarding sensitive user information.

Mr Raut says, “India's cybersecurity startups are likely to see strong traction as cyber risks mount for companies and governments alike. Startups developing robust solutions for threat monitoring, data breach prevention, firewalls, encryption, malware detection and other critical security needs will be key beneficiaries amid the alarming global rise in cyberattacks, data leaks and vulnerabilities exploited by bad actors.

With data protection laws like the Personal Data Protection Bill also emphasising privacy, startups safeguarding sensitive user information through privacy-preserving frameworks could unlock significant value. Overall, the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape provides fertile ground for innovative security startups to enable organisations to guard their digital assets and build resilience.”

Navigating New Waters with Resilience

As India's startup journey unfolds in 2024, the narrative revolves around adaptability, strategic foresight, and collaborative growth. Despite the challenges of the past, the ecosystem is primed not only for recovery but for strategic growth. The year ahead holds promise for increased success stories, a more diversified startup economy, and opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to navigate the winds of change.

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