Hear Mobikwik's Startup Journey From Co-founder Upasana Taku!

Discover how Mobikwik thrived amid global competition, facing giants like Google. Explore the secrets behind this Indian startup's profitability in the dynamic fintech realm. Read on for the intriguing story!

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In the changing world of Indian Fintech, Mobikwik is a standout success story. The combination of resilience and dedication has made Indian Fintech startups globally recognized, and Mobikwik's journey proves this. Overcoming challenges, Mobikwik is not just a part of the industry; it's a leading force, changing how we think about digital payments and financial services.

Mobikwik: The First Fintech Startup Of India

As a digital wallet that evolved into a comprehensive financial platform, Mobikwik has been at the forefront of transforming India's digital payment ecosystem. From its early days, navigating the complexities of securing partnerships with banks to its strategic product iterations, Mobikwik has demonstrated resilience and adaptability. One of Mobikwik's distinctive features is its unwavering commitment to financial inclusion. Leveraging machine learning and a keen understanding of the market, Mobikwik expanded its services beyond payments to offer digital credit and investment products. The focus on the middle-income segment in tier two, three, four, and five cities has positioned Mobikwik as a key player in bridging the financial gap.

Mobikwik Startup Story

The journey of Mobikwik, however, was not without its challenges. Growing in a competitive landscape, especially with the entry of global giants like Google, posed difficulties. Who can share the story of this startup better than Upasana Taku, the co-founder? Recently, during the Startup Mixer in Delhi, a groundbreaking initiative by NASSCOM Centre of Excellence IoT in collaboration with the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub, Upasana engaged in a fireside chat with Aakarsh Naidu, Head of Incubation, Startup & VC Engagements at Reserve Bank Innovation Hub.

This platform, designed to thrust emerging startups into the spotlight and forge crucial connections, provided the perfect backdrop for Upasana to unveil the intricacies of Mobikwik's journey. Join us as we delve into the heart of this success story, exploring challenges, triumphs, and valuable insights shared by Upasana Taku for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Choosing FinTech in India

Aakarsh prompts Upasana to reflect on why she chose FinTech in India. Upasana candidly shares her journey, highlighting the challenges, doubts, and the conviction that led her to believe in the vast opportunities FinTech presented in the developing world, especially India.

Finding the First Customer

The Fireside chat takes a turn towards the early struggles. Upasana shares the gripping story of Mobikwik's journey to find its first customer, shedding light on the complexities of securing a partner bank and the persistence required to navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape.

Product Iteration for Financial Inclusion

Aakarsh transitions the conversation to Mobikwik's evolution, focusing on product iteration and the emphasis on financial inclusion. Upasana provides insights into the strategic shifts Mobikwik underwent, leveraging machine learning to cross-sell financial products and catering to the middle-income segment in India.

Tipping Points in Scaling Up

The chat explores the pivotal moments in Mobikwik's scaling journey. Upasana delves into the challenges of fundraising, the significance of showcasing business viability, and the resilience required to weather the ups and downs, especially during the competitive entry of global players like Google.

Aakarsh navigates towards the personal side of entrepreneurship, questioning Upasana about the dynamics of being co-founders and a couple. Upasana shares their unique story, emphasizing the need for clear demarcation of responsibilities and the conscious decision to keep personal and professional lives separate.

Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurial Couples

The conversation wraps up with Upasana offering candid advice for entrepreneurial couples. She highlights the challenges and stresses the importance of maintaining a professional approach within the workplace, including making the crucial decision not to hire from personal circles.

The fireside chat not only provides a glimpse into Upasana Taku's inspiring journey but also offers valuable insights for budding entrepreneurs and those navigating the intricate intersection of personal and professional lives.

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