Compendium of Entrepreneurship Schemes for Kashmiri Entrepreneurship

J&K EDI has released a compendium of entrepreneurial schemes. The compendium will educate unemployed youth about viable business ventures and provide guidance for existing and potential entrepreneurs. Read to know the details.

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J&K EDI released a compendium of entrepreneurial schemes

In a significant move to promote entrepreneurial growth and employment opportunities among the youth, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) Government has unveiled the first edition of a compendium of entrepreneurship and employment-related schemes. The compilation, prepared by the Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI), aims to provide a comprehensive guide to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals seeking support to start their own businesses or secure employment.

JKEDI Unveils Entrepreneurship Schemes Compendium For Startups

Through the compendium, the government wants to create a conducive business environment and nurture entrepreneurial talent in the region. It serves as a valuable resource, shedding light on various initiatives and programs implemented by the government to promote entrepreneurship and generate employment opportunities.

Prashant Goyal, Principal Secretary of the Department of Industries and Commerce, J&K Government, said, “The dissemination of information regarding various employment and entrepreneurship related initiatives undertaken by the UT Government is necessary to sensitize the educated unemployed youth for setting up of viable business ventures and will prove to be a guiding source for existing as well as potential entrepreneurs.”   

Unlocking Opportunities: Detailed Information and Support Mechanisms for Youth

The compendium encompasses an extensive collection of schemes, initiatives, and programs available to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. It provides detailed information on eligibility criteria, financial assistance, training programs, and other support mechanisms. By offering such comprehensive information, the compendium aims to empower young individuals with the necessary knowledge to explore entrepreneurial opportunities and access the available resources.

Director of JKEDI, Ajaz Ahmad Bhat, said the thriving global startup environment and the potential for the compendium to serve as a catalyst for budding entrepreneurs. He emphasized that this initiative, although a small step, could lay the foundation for a flourishing entrepreneurial career. 

Bhat further added, “Under the leadership of Hon’ble L G, J&K, Shri Manoj Sinha and Chief Secretary, J&K, the Institute aims to empower and encourage the youth to explore entrepreneurial ventures, which can lead to economic growth, job creation, and overall development in the region.”

The J&K government wants to foster a culture of innovation, self-employment, and sustainable economic development. It aims to raise awareness among the youth about the various schemes and opportunities available to them. By equipping young individuals with the necessary information and support, the government endeavours to create a favourable ecosystem for entrepreneurial growth in Jammu & Kashmir.

Comprehensive Resource for Empowerment of Kashmiri Youth 

The compendium serves as a comprehensive guide, bringing together all the relevant information about the government's initiatives and schemes. It will serve as a reference point for aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling them to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape effectively. Additionally, it will facilitate access to resources, financial assistance, and training programs, ensuring that the youth of Jammu & Kashmir can leverage these opportunities to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to the region's economic development.

With the release of this compendium, Jammu & Kashmir takes a significant step toward fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and empowering its youth to drive economic growth and job creation. 

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