How Indian Tech Startups Are Beating Global Funding Winter?

How tech startups are performing in India? Why there is funding winters? How Indian tech companies are managing through global funding winters? Get answers to all these questions in this enticing story!

Shreshtha Verma
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Global Funding Winter Indian Tech Startup NASSCOM

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The global startup ecosystem has been navigating through challenging times, with funding uncertainties and economic volatility impacting entrepreneurial ventures across the world. However, amidst this backdrop of adversity, Indian tech startups have emerged as beacons of resilience and growth. Powered by innovation, the Indian startup landscape continues to attract investor interest and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship. 

Indian Tech Startup Ecosystem Growing Amidst Global Funding Winters

The Indian tech startup ecosystem is displaying signs of resilience and steady growth, despite the ongoing pressures faced by the global startup landscape. The latest quarterly report by Nasscom, sheds light on key trends and insights from the Indian tech startup ecosystem during the first quarter of the calendar year 2023. Reportedly, Indian tech startups managed to secure a total funding of $3.1 billion in the first quarter of CY23, marking a significant 7% quarter-on-quarter (Q-o-Q) increase. This growth showcases the resilience and recovery of the Indian startup ecosystem, particularly in a challenging global funding environment. Notably, this is the second consecutive quarter without any new unicorns emerging from the Indian startup landscape.

Global Startup Funding Remains Tepid

While Indian tech startups show promising growth, the global startup funding landscape continues to face stagnation. The report reveals that global startup funding for Q1 CY23 amounted to $76 billion, which is 2% lower Q-o-Q and a staggering 50% lower year-on-year (Y-o-Y). These statistics emphasize the unique growth trajectory of the Indian startup ecosystem, positioning it as an attractive destination for investors.

Steady Growth in Deal Value and Volume

The Nasscom report also highlights the sustained growth in both deal value and volume within the Indian startup ecosystem. Deal volumes maintained their momentum, witnessing a 2.3% Q-o-Q increase and a significant 4.5% Y-o-Y growth. Late-stage deals emerged as key drivers of growth, contributing to over 60% of the total deal value, showcasing the maturing startup landscape in India. The average deal value in Q1 CY23 reached $13.8 million, indicating a substantial 20% Q-o-Q rise.

Fintech and RetailTech Lead the Way

Industry experts identifies Fintech and RetailTech as the key attractions for investors. According to NASSCOM, these two sectors accounted for 58% of the total funding, with 42% of the deals falling under the growth stage category. Fintech emerged as the frontrunner, securing over one-third ($1.1 billion) of the total funding in Q1 CY23. Notably, RetailTech funding witnessed an impressive surge, contributing to more than 60% of the total Fintech funding.

Key Trends In Indian Startup Ecosystem

The Nasscom report highlights several noteworthy trends within the Indian tech startup ecosystem. The funding of B2C tech startups increased to 72% in Q1 CY23 from 48% in the previous quarter, indicating a growing investor interest in consumer-centric ventures. Furthermore, more than half of the funding in Q1 CY23 was attributed to deals with a ticket size exceeding $100 million, reflecting a surge in larger investments. Series A and Series D deals accounted for 47% of the total deal value, underlining the significance of early-stage and growth-stage funding.

Amidst a challenging global startup funding landscape, the Indian tech startup ecosystem continues to exhibit resilience and steady growth. The Nasscom report's findings indicate that Indian startups secured $3.1 billion in funding during Q1 CY23, showcasing a 7% Q-o-Q increase. The vertical trends highlight Fintech and RetailTech as the most attractive sectors for investors, while the sustained growth in deal value and volume further strengthens India's position as a prominent startup hub. With innovative startups emerging across various verticals, the Indian tech startup ecosystem holds immense potential for future growth and development.