Erudition 2023 Concludes With Special Focus On Upskilling & Reskilling

Erudition 2023's second and final day unveiled an ocean of insights into the future of the workplace and left a lasting impression, emphasizing adaptability, innovation, and lifelong learning. Read on to know more about Erudition 2023.

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Skilling & upscaling is the future

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The second and final day of the 26th Annual Business Convention 'Erudition 2023' unfolded today, leaving attendees inspired and empowered by insights into the future of the workplace. With the theme, "India's Inspirational Leadership at Global Stage: Inspiring and Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders," the event was hosted by the Department of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce and Business at Delhi School of Economics, and proudly supported by TICE as the Media Partner. 

The Future is Now: Rewiring the Workplace

Day two commenced with a dynamic panel discussion titled "The Future is now: Rewiring the Workplace," featuring luminaries from diverse sectors, all sharing their visionary perspectives on reshaping the world of work.

CEO Approach to Workplace Culture

The panel underscored the pivotal role of workplace culture in driving productivity. They encapsulated their insights in the acronym "CEO," emphasizing the importance of:

  • C - Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration among employees.
  • E - Experiment: Fostering a culture of experimentation and innovation.
  • O - Ownership: Instilling a sense of ownership in every team member.

Moreover, the panelists echoed the sentiment that every employee should think like a CEO, championing a shared sense of responsibility throughout an organization.

Freedom and Flexibility in the Workplace

Shalu Manan, Global Talent Supply Chain & TalentMatch Leader at Genpact, stated, "In a fast-paced world, we crave speedy food delivery. Likewise, we desire a work environment mirroring the freedom we enjoy in our personal lives."

Renu Bohra, CPO at DB Schenker, added, "9 to 5 work culture is not what we are brought up with, neither is it the future. The future workplace is a lot more creative than 9 to 5."

A Shift Towards Collaborative Workstyles

Vineet Mangal, Managing Partner and Founder of Beewise Consulting, shared his perspective, "There will be a time when everyone will work like a tribe. COVID gave a glimpse of it, but soon it will be a permanent phenomenon."

Sanjay Jha, CHRO at Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd, emphasized, "The future is now, and it is in our hands to shape it."

Apurv Amanesh, Director - North & East Business Head PMQ & Virtual Education, urged organizations to look within, stating, "We need to look inside the organization. There are hundreds of people sitting inside and not giving 100% productivity. So, look and work inside the organization."

Leadership in Algorithm Age: Adapting Mindsets, Transforming Businesses

After the discussions of the first panel, Erudition Day Two seamlessly transitioned into its second panel, titled "Leadership in Algorithm Age: Adapting Mindsets, Transforming Businesses." This engaging session delved into the evolving role of leadership in a world increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Dr. Sukrit Kumar, an External Advisor at McKinsey & Company, emphasized the evolving landscape of professional desirability in the job market: "In today's time, only a perfect mix of human brain and AI will make any professional desirable in the job market." Dr. Kumar's insight shed light on the growing importance of integrating human expertise with AI capabilities to stay competitive and relevant in the modern workforce.

The session concluded with a unanimous agreement among all the panelists on the imperative need to cultivate a skilled and adaptable workforce capable of thriving in the era of AI. This consensus reinforced the notion that preparing employees for the algorithmic age is not just a choice but a necessity for businesses looking to remain competitive and innovative in the digital era.

Nitin Khindria, CHRO at Dalmia Biz Pvt Ltd, offered a succinct analogy to encapsulate the significance of leadership in the digital age: "Leadership is like content and the internet; if you miss these two, you risk becoming irrelevant in the digital age." Khindria's words underscored the pivotal role of leadership in guiding organizations through the rapid transformations brought about by technology and algorithms.

Unlocking Potential: Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce

Erudition 2023 reached its apex with the final panel discussion, titled "Unlocking Potential: Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce." This thought-provoking session brought together experts from various fields, all sharing a common belief that relying solely on conventional, bookish knowledge is inadequate for professionals to thrive in their respective industries.

The panelists unanimously concurred on the notion that true learning, skill development, and upskilling begin when individuals venture beyond the confines of curriculum textbooks. In an era of rapid technological advancement and evolving industry landscapes, the ability to adapt and acquire new skills is paramount.

Erudition 2023's final panel left attendees with a profound understanding that the pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement extends far beyond traditional education. It reinforced the idea that individuals and organizations must actively invest in upskilling and reskilling initiatives to unlock their full potential and thrive in a rapidly changing world. The convention's insightful discussions over the course of the day underscored the critical importance of adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to lifelong learning for both professionals and businesses alike.


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