Best Games of 2024: Modi Knows How To Gamify Elections 2024.

Who are the gamers that PM Modi met? Why did he met these gaming influencers? Will Modi's gaming strategy work for Loksabha 2024? Let's find out more about it in this article.

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In the ever-evolving realm of gaming, where digital landscapes blur with reality,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerges as a formidable player, transcending the confines of conventional politics. As the pursuit of the best games of 2024 unfolds, Google's algorithms pale in comparison to Modi's strategic acumen. In a transformative move that reshapes the political arena, Modi has gamified the Indian Elections 2024 by convening with India's top gamers and gaming entrepreneurs. His visionary insight eclipses mere search engine algorithms, symbolizing a leader who adeptly navigates the intricate webs of power.

Transitioning into the significance of Modi's initiative, just on the cusp of the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, Modi orchestrates a rendezvous with the luminaries of India's gaming realm. While some may dismiss this gathering as mere frivolity, they fail to grasp the gravity of the moment. Modi, the master tactician, perceives the parallels between gaming and governance, recognizing the potent force that gamers wield in shaping the socio-political fabric.

Gaming in India has undergone a remarkable transformation. Formerly stigmatized, it is now seen as a burgeoning industry challenging old notions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent meeting with top gamers underscores this shift. This engagement signifies more than just play; it's a demonstration of support for self-reliance and innovation, key pillars of Modi's 'Digital India' plan. These gamers epitomize entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, aligning seamlessly with Modi's vision for India's future.

Gaming Industry in India

A report by EY shows that the gaming industry has been growing fast, with revenues hitting INR 16,428 crore in FY23, and it's still climbing. There are about 1545 gaming startups all over the country.

Investors are also putting a lot of money into gaming, with estimates saying they've poured in around INR 22,931 crore between FY20 and FY24. And experts think that by FY28, India's online gaming could be worth a massive INR 33,243 crore.

PM Modi's Fun Banter With Gamers

During the gaming session, Modi joined renowned gamers like @gcttirth (Tirth Mehta), @PAYALGAMING (Payal Dhare), @8bitthug (Animesh Agarwal), @GamerFleet (Anshu Bisht), @MortaLyt (Naman Mathur), @Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar), and @SkRossi (Ganesh Gangadhar). Together, they explored the complexities of the gaming industry, discussing the challenges of establishing gaming as a respected career in India.

In a light-hearted moment, PM Modi even tested out some games himself, donning a VR headset and diving into popular titles. Videos of his gameplay quickly went viral on social media, highlighting the Prime Minister's affinity for gaming.

These meetings underscore the growing significance of gaming in India, drawing attention from the highest echelons of government. Let's delve deeper into the profiles of these star gamers who recently met PM Modi!

But do you know who are these star gamers that PM Modi recently met? Well! Let's find out more about them!

Who Are The Gamers Modi Met at PMO 

Tirth Mehta

Tirth Mehta

Tirth Mehta, originally from Bhuj, Gujarat, made headlines in 2018 when he won a bronze medal in Hearthstone at the Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. Being part of the first-ever esports demonstration event at the Asian Games, Tirth not only brought pride to India but also helped in gaining recognition for esports as a serious field. His achievement marked a significant moment for the Indian esports community, earning him respect from traditional athletes and gamers alike.

He is not much active on  social media platforms. But is an active participants of tournaments. 

Payal Dhare

Payal Dhare

Hailing from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, Payal Dhare defied societal norms to pursue her passion for gaming. Despite initial concerns from her family, Payal's determination and success have changed perceptions. She started her journey as a content creator on YouTube, focusing on gaming and connecting with her audience through fun gameplay rather than just competitiveness. With millions of followers on social media, Payal's story serves as an inspiration for gamers and content creators, showing the importance of pursuing one's dreams.

Payal has 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.1 million followers on Instagram. 

Animesh Agarwal

Animesh Agarwal

Animesh Agarwal is not just a gamer but an entprenreur too. He is also known as the founder and CEO of 8Bit Creatives, is a key figure in India's esports scene. His organization, S8UL, has been instrumental in promoting esports talent and content creation in India, earning global recognition and prestigious awards. Animesh's deep understanding of the gaming industry and his efforts in advancing esports have helped in shaping the landscape of gaming in India, making him a prominent figure in the community.

Animesh has 837k followers on Instagram. 

Anshu Bisht (GamerFleet)

Anshu Bisht.jpg

Anshu Bisht, popularly known as GamerFleet, is a well-known YouTuber and streamer from India. Starting his journey in 2017, Anshu faced challenges but eventually found success, especially during the pandemic when his content gained significant viewership. With multiple YouTube channels dedicated to gaming, lifestyle vlogs, and collaborations with comedians and fellow gamers, Anshu has amassed a large following and earned accolades from YouTube.

Anshu has 5.78 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on Instagram. 

Naman Mathur (Mortal)

Naman Mathur Mortal.jpg

Naman Mathur, also known as Mortal, is another entrepreneur on this list. He is a prominent figure in the Indian esports community. As the co-founder and CMO of S8UL Esports, Naman has played a significant role in shaping Indian esports and promoting gaming talent. With multiple nominations and awards in global esports events, Naman's exceptional gaming skills and influential presence have earned him a massive following on social media, making him a respected figure in the industry.

Anshu has 7 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.3 million followers on Instagram. 

Mithilesh Patankar (Mythpat)

Mithilesh Patankar.jpg

Mithilesh Patankar, popularly known as Mythpat, is a YouTuber known for his gaming content and mimicry skills. Hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mythpat's journey from a young gamer to a successful content creator has inspired many. With a focus on games like GTA V and Minecraft, coupled with his talent for mimicry, Mythpat has gained a loyal fan base and achieved significant milestones on YouTube, earning recognition from both gaming and entertainment communities.

Anshu has 14.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.4 million followers on Instagram. 

Ganesh Gangadhar (SkRossi)

Ganesh Gangadhar.jpg

Ganesh Gangadhar, also known as SkRossi, is a prominent figure in the Indian Valorant esports scene. Starting his gaming journey at a young age, SkRossi rose to fame with his exceptional skills in Valorant. As a key player for Global Esports, SkRossi has led his team to numerous victories and has earned recognition as one of the top players in India. His influence in the Valorant community and his achievements have cemented his place as a leading figure in Indian esports.

Anshu has 158k subscribers on YouTube and 58k followers on Instagram. 

Looking at the numbers of followers of each gamer, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this wasn't just a usual meet but a strategic game-plan of PM Modi ahead of Lok Sabha elections 2024. With a total combined following of approximately 46.633 million, their influence could play a significant role in shaping public opinion and garnering support.

In Modi's vision, gaming transcends mere entertainment; it emerges as a catalyst for societal change. The discourse extends beyond high scores and virtual conquests, encompassing vital issues like the demarcation between gambling and gaming and the imperative of gender inclusivity within the gaming sphere. Through this convergence of politics and pixels, Modi heralds a new era where governance resonates with the language of the digital age, where strategies are honed not only in boardrooms but also in virtual realms. As the game unfolds, Modi stands at the forefront, a visionary leader whose mastery extends far beyond the ballot box, navigating the intricate terrain of power with the finesse of a seasoned gamer.

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