Good News For Tech Employees! Finally A Decline In Layoffs

Curious about the recent trend in tech layoffs? Discover how over 2,000 employees were let go in Q1 2024, reflecting a 60% decrease compared to last year. Read on to know more about it!

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Good News For Tech Employees! Finally A Decline In Layoffs...

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According to data from layoffs. As per media reports on employment trends,  the tech industry witnessed a significant slowdown in layoffs during the first quarter of 2024. Over 2,000 employees were let go across 43 companies, marking a notable 60% decrease compared to the same period last year. This decline appears to align with the reduced availability of venture capital funding in the startup ecosystem.

Byju's Leads in Layoffs as Startups Navigate Challenges

Among the companies implementing workforce reductions, edtech giant Byju's stood out with the most substantial job cuts, affecting 1,500 employees across various departments. Additionally, ShareChat, a prominent social media platform, downsized its team by 20%, resulting in approximately 500 job losses. Other startups such as Ola, MediBuddy, DealShare, MyGate, UpGrad, and Pristyn Care also reported layoffs, each impacting around 100 employees

Big Players Feel the Impact as Flipkart and Swiggy Make Cuts

However, it wasn't just startups feeling the pinch. Established giants like Flipkart and Swiggy also found themselves making difficult decisions regarding their workforce. Flipkart's annual performance reviews led to roughly 1,100 job cuts, while Swiggy downsized its staff by 400 employees, constituting 7% of its total workforce. Notable companies like InMobi,, and Pristyn Care also underwent layoffs during this period.

Link Between Funding Trends and Cyclical Nature of Layoffs

Analysts suggest that the cyclical nature of hiring and layoffs in startups is closely tied to funding trends. Last year's "funding winter" saw a significant uptick in layoffs, affecting approximately 16,400 employees across 111 companies. Conversely, during the investment boom of 2021, layoffs were notably lower, totaling around 4,000.

Global Tech Layoff Trends Show Signs of Slowing

While the tech industry's layoffs are gradually decreasing, global trends indicate a similar pattern. Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon have announced significant job cuts as part of restructuring efforts. In April 2024, Apple laid off over 600 employees following the closure of its car project and the cancellation of the Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED display. Similarly, Microsoft announced restructuring efforts focused on enhancing Copilot AI products and streamlining Teams, resulting in layoffs to bolster AI capabilities. Amazon's AWS division also reduced its workforce, aligning with company-wide realignment strategies.

Despite the layoffs, companies are actively supporting affected employees during restructuring. Apple's operational changes may involve more significant layoffs than initially reported, while Microsoft prioritizes AI development. Amazon is offering support for affected AWS employees to transition to new roles, actively hiring in other areas, and providing severance packages, underscoring their commitment to their workforce during challenging times.

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