Venus Chair At IIT Delhi To Advance Fibrous Air Filter Research

What is Venus Chair at IIT Delhi? What are the benefits of Fibrous Air Filter? Read on to know more about the Fibrous Air Filter Research possibilities at IIT-D!

21 Apr 2023
Venus Chair At IIT Delhi To Advance Fibrous Air Filter Research

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Venus Safety & Health Pvt. Ltd., a global quality manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, under which the "Venus Chair" has been established.

This endowed chair established at IIT Delhi will promote excellence and leadership in teaching and research & development in the area of fibrous air filters at the institute.

Fibrous Air Filters

Fibrous air filters are used to remove airborne particles and the products made from them include particulate filtering masks, respirators, air purifiers, HVAC filters, HEPA filters, ULPA filters, engine intake air filters, cabin air filters, compressed air filters, steam air filters, and bag filters, to name a few.

IIT Delhi continues to draw a significant and growing interest from its well-wishers in contributing towards educational and research advancement at the institute. Their support and contributions are gratefully acknowledged by the institute.

The Venus chair has been established through the generosity of Mahesh Kudav, the Managing Director of Venus Safety & Health Pvt. Ltd. 

While signing the MoU, Kudav said, "Fibrous air filters are one of the key business segments of Venus Safety & Health Pvt. Ltd. Through ingenious use of research and technology, the company has delivered premier air filter products. By establishing the Venus Chair at IIT Delhi, the company wishes to support teaching, research and development activities and facilitate a deeper collaboration in the area of fibrous air filters."

The Government of India awarded the company with the "Excellence in Innovation in the Textile Sector" award in 2019 for its innovation in air filtration products.

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