Inflection Point Ventures Celebrates 14 Startup Exits in 2023

Angel investment platform IPV celebrates 14 successful startup exits in 2023, showcasing an impressive 61% IRR. What innovative strategies and supportive initiatives set IPV apart in a challenging market? Read on for all the details.

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Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), an angel investment platform, had as many as 14 successful exits in 2023, delivering an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 61% to its investors. Despite the challenging market conditions, IPV's strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts with founders have resulted in outstanding returns for its investor community.


Stellar Returns with Project Light and Other Exits

One of the highlights of IPV's 2023 performance was the full exit from Project Light, withholding the name for confidentiality, which yielded a staggering 217% IRR (approximately 40x Money on Money). Additionally, the partial exit from logistics company Oorjaa generated an impressive 97% IRR. IPV's success extended beyond these exits, with partial exits from 11 other startups delivering IRRs ranging from 20% to 97%. Noteworthy successes include partial exits from Oorjaa, Devnagri, Aerem, and Ishitva, averaging an impressive 80% IRR.

Consistent Growth with 38 Exits in Under 5 Years


With these latest exits, IPV has now achieved a total of 38 successful exits in less than five years.

Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO of IPV, affirms, "Once again, IPV has emerged as the most active angel investing platform in India despite the ongoing funding winter. With its sharp investment strategy and belief in innovative sustainable startups, IPV will continue to evaluate high-potential startups in 2024."

Supportive Initiatives in a Cautious Investment Climate


Amidst a cautious investment climate, IPV has stood out as a beacon of support for startups. The LetsGrow program, a cornerstone of IPV's post-investment assistance, played a pivotal role in fostering partnerships, providing invaluable resources, and ensuring successful outcomes for both founders and investors.

Despite the challenging landscape for startups globally, IPV's portfolio has remained robust. IPV's focus on investing in great founders at reasonable valuations has resulted in a high success rate, with only 10 out of 200 startups failing to return capital to investors.

Ankur Mittal, Co-Founder, IPV, said, “At IPV, we have always believed in investing in great founders at reasonable valuations. This eventually results in successful exits for our investors. We are a big believer of helping our founders scale up by leveraging our rich network to help companies not only get timely capital infusion but also rich mentoring to grow their businesses.”


Looking Ahead: IPV's Commitment to Innovation

Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder of IPV, emphasizes the platform's commitment to discovering groundbreaking startups. With the launch of IPV Ideaschool, an accelerator program, IPV aims to empower startups to accelerate their growth and scale rapidly, benefitting from strategic guidance within IPV's extensive network.

"At IPV, our focus continues to discover groundbreaking startups. Since the last quarter of 2023, we've witnessed a strong recovery and a robust funding cycle in 2024. Our active investment thesis of 2023 will persist in 2024 too. Maintaining a strong follow-on round pipeline for startups creates a healthy exit pipeline for its investors. To further this commitment, we have launched IPV Ideaschool, an accelerator program. This initiative empowers startups to accelerate their growth and scale rapidly, benefitting from strategic guidance within IPV's vigorous network. This will further strengthen our portfolio and enable startups to grow and scale their business rapidly with strategic guidance from IPV’s rich network,” he said.


A Global Community of Investors

With a member base surpassing 12,000 individuals across 46+ countries, IPV offers a unique and accessible method of early-stage investing. IPV's intentional minimal entry requirements align with its core values of democratizing startup investments, allowing individuals to become investors with a starting investment of just Rs. 1,00,000—the smallest among angel investor platforms.

Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) is an angel investing platform with over 12,000 CXOs, HNIs, and Professionals collectively investing in startups. IPV supports new-age entrepreneurs by providing both monetary and experiential capital, connecting them with a diverse group of investors. IPV has also announced the launch of Physis Capital, a $50 million CAT 2 AIF, dedicated to investing in pre-Series A to Series B growth-stage startups.


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