Hyderabad Pharma City Recognized As National Investment & Manufacturing Zone

The government also calls upon industry for value addition in startups. How industry can strengthen startups? And how has been India's progress In STI ecosystem? Read on to know this!

Shubham Gaurwal
10 Mar 2023
New Update
Hyderabad Pharma City Recognized As National Investment and Manufacturing Zone

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The Indian government's efforts to enhance the country's startup ecosystem have been emphasized once again, with the Union Minister of State for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences urging industry leaders to support startups from the start. 

During a recent session with industrialists, innovators, and startups, Dr. Jitendra Singh highlighted the world's largest integrated cluster for pharmaceutical industries - the Hyderabad Pharma City - as an example of how symbiotic collaboration across the value chain can add value to the Indian industry. 

He recognized ‘Hyderabad Pharma City’ as National Investment and Manufacturing Zone. 

The Hyderabad Pharma City is focused on research, development, and manufacturing, and the government is committed to making it easier for startups to succeed and businesses to operate.

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Emphasizes Industry's Role In Start-Ups

While addressing an exclusive session of industrialists, start-ups, and innovators at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in Hyderabad, Singh emphasized the importance of the industry's role as an equal stakeholder in Start-Ups from the conception of the project, ensuring long-term sustainability and adding value to the Indian industry.

CSIR Labs Showcase Innovations Through "One Week, One Lab" Campaign

Dr Jitendra Singh emphasized the ongoing "One Week, One Lab" campaign by the 37 CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) Labs spread across the country. The campaign offers each lab an opportunity to showcase its work and for stakeholders to learn from it. The Minister also announced the new tagline for CSIR - "CSIR-The Innovation Engine of India" and emphasized its potential to emerge as global centers of innovation.

India's Progress In STI Ecosystem

Dr Jitendra Singh commended India's progress in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) eco-system under the active support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi since 2014. India has jumped from the 81st position to the 40th position in the Global Innovation Index and is among the top three countries in the world in terms of start-up ecosystem and PhDs.

CSIR-IICT Contributes To Sustainable Development Goals

Dr Jitendra Singh lauded the contributions of CSIR-IICT towards sustainable development goals, excelling in both basic and applied research areas of chemistry and chemical technologies. The institute developed several technologies for life-saving generic drugs, anti-viral drugs, and vaccine adjuvant for Caixin that played a pivotal role in limiting the spread of COVID-19. The institute's Fluoro & Agro Chemicals Department was set up to develop internationally competent technologies for hydrofluorocarbons, well-recommended substitutes for ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons.