Meet Rikant Pitti, The 'Take It Easy' Man Behind Success of EaseMyTrip

Discover the incredible journey of Rikant Pitti and EaseMyTrip – from a simple idea to revolutionizing travel. It's a tale of resilience, innovation & customer-centricity. Uncover the challenges and triumphs. Watch him sharing his story with TICE News.

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In the bustling world of travel, where planning and booking often become a daunting task, EaseMyTrip, India's second-largest travel portal, emerges as a beacon of simplicity. In an interview with TICE, Rikant Pittie, co-founder cum CEO of EaseMyTrip, shedded light on the inception, challenges, and triumphs of this groundbreaking travel platform.

Established in 2008, the company was founded by three brothers: Nishant Pitti, Rikant Pittie, and Prashant Pitti. Specializing in Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C), this online travel agency provides a comprehensive array of travel services, from airline and rail tickets to holiday packages and accommodations. Additionally, they offer various value-added services such as travel insurance and visa processing.

Genesis of EaseMyTrip: A Journey from Conventional to Innovative

EaseMyTrip's inception traces back to the time when traditional ticket counters and websites like IRCTC dominated the travel booking landscape. Mr. Pitti reminisces about the genesis, recalling how the idea sprouted from a simple desire to have an internet connection at home. Confronting initial resistance from family, the Pitti brothers convinced their parents by offering to manage ticket bookings and accounting online.

The Birth of Innovation: Tackling Transparency and Cost Issues

As their journey began as a small travel agency, the Pitti brothers noticed a glaring issue - hefty additional charges imposed by travel agents. Motivated to save money, they started booking tickets for themselves and extended the service to family and friends. During this process, Mr. Pitti identified a broader problem in the industry, noticing other online platforms charging hidden fees. Fueled by the vision of transparency, EaseMyTrip was conceived, and Mr. Pitti dedicated himself to developing the necessary technology to address these challenges.

Pitti Brothers


In 2005, while still in school, Mr. Pitti and his brother embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. His academic background in electronics and instrumentation engineering from Kurukshetra University took a backseat as the brothers delved into coding. Initially a Java developer, the need for cost-effective solutions led Mr. Pitti to transition into Microsoft technology, a decision that proved pivotal during the technology boom of that era.

"In the short term, my brother and I initiated our business venture as a small travel agency. Our primary objective was to establish an internet connection in our household. Initially, our parents were strongly opposed to the idea. However, we managed to persuade them by promising to utilize the internet for ticket bookings and accounting tasks.

This led to the acquisition of the internet connection, enabling us to commence ticket bookings for our family and friends. Initially, our first customers were our own family members, particularly our father. During this process, we discovered that traditional travel agents imposed additional charges ranging from 500 to 1000 rupees per ticket. Motivated by this realization, we began handling ticket bookings ourselves, thereby saving a considerable amount of money for both our own bookings and those of our family and friends," Mr Pitti told TICE in a conversation.

Journey through Peaks and Valleys: The Bootstrapped Saga

Breaking the conventional Indian mindset that steers engineering graduates toward secure IT jobs, Mr. Pitti highlights the unwavering support received from his business-oriented family. Both parents played crucial roles, with his mother actively participating in marketing efforts, distributing pamphlets to promote the budding venture. The initial funding of Rs. 15 lakhs came from his father, setting the stage for a family-driven startup.

"If I tell you about my mom, even in the initial days, she used to do a lot of marketing for us. You must know that earlier, we used pamphlets.

My mom used to go out in the morning to distribute pamphlets in the newspapers, covering different parts of the city. She did this because she saw the potential, as did my father. Additionally, the initial funding of Rs. 15 lakhs was provided by my father," Mr Pitti said.

Navigating through the challenges of a bootstrapped company, EaseMyTrip remained resilient. The Pitti brothers divided responsibilities, with Mr. Pitti overseeing technology and operations, another brother managing finance, and the third focusing on marketing. The family-founded business model defied skepticism, emphasizing the importance of trust among founders.

Crucial Lessons for Startups: The Power of Resilience

Reflecting on the journey, Mr. Pitti imparts a valuable lesson for startups - resilience. Acknowledging that paths may diverge from expectations, he emphasizes the importance of overcoming challenges with a clear vision. The trio's persistent problem-solving mindset led to their success, even when facing stiff competition from well-funded counterparts.

In response to the common phenomenon of startups reaching unicorn status but later faltering, Mr. Pitti attributes EaseMyTrip's success to being self-sustainable and profitable from the start. The company's philosophy of running a startup as a business, coupled with the commitment to shareholder returns, has safeguarded its longevity.

AI: A Transformative Force at EaseMyTrip

Pitti Brothers

As AI reshapes industries, EaseMyTrip has been an early adopter. Mr. Pitti sheds light on the extensive use of AI in their operations, citing examples like machine learning to track real-time pricing changes and personalization based on user preferences. AI also plays a pivotal role in analyzing customer sentiments during interactions, ensuring a positive experience.

Customer-Centric Approach: The Heartbeat of EaseMyTrip

Highlighting the importance of customers, Mr. Pitti shares that in the initial year, family and friends were their customers. Today, EaseMyTrip boasts over 20 million customers, with an impressive 86% repeat rate. The company's commitment to customer service is underscored by having in-house call centers and a hands-on approach, where leaders, including Mr. Pitti, regularly engage with customers to address real-life problems.

Mr. Rikant Pitti's journey with EaseMyTrip shows the transformative power of innovation, resilience, and customer-centricity. From a modest beginning to achieving unicorn status, EaseMyTrip stands as a beacon of success in the ever-evolving travel industry.

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