Checkout How This Female Led Startup Is Easiofy-ing Healthcare?

Can you imagine AR & VR making your healthcare easier? Sounds a little fancy, right? But a female-led startup is actually making it possible! Check out this exclusive interview to know how AR & VR are changing the healthcare sector in India.

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In the world of health, the challenges of timely access to medical imaging data and the complexities of decision-making based on these visuals have been persistent obstacles. From the delays in obtaining crucial imaging reports to the need for enhanced visualization tools, the healthcare sector has long sought innovative solutions.


But guess what? A startup solution is in town – Easiofy, a cool healthtech company run by smart ladies, Ms. Meenal Gupta and Ms. Noor Fatma. They're not just keeping up with the tech trends; they're using fancy things like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the Metaverse to make medical visuals way easier to understand.

Recently, in a special edition of the Open Innovator Show, our very own tech-guru Naman Kothari got into an exclusive conversation with Meenal Gupta and Noor Fatma, the dynamic founders of Easiofy, as they shared their groundbreaking journey in the tech world. The episode paid tribute to women shaping the tech industry, and Meenal and Noor exemplify the spirit of innovation that knows no gender boundaries.

Checkout this exclusive interview below:


What Does Easiofy Do?

Meenal and Noor's startup, Easiofy, is rewriting the rules in the tech and healthcare sectors. It is a healthtech company which uses the power of visualisation through AR/VR/Metaverse,to enable ease of sharing and visualisation of medical imaging data such as CT/MRI/USG/XRays etc.we use the power of AI along with visualisation tools to convert 2dimensational imaging slide to 3D models which can be view through AR/VR glasses for patient information and deciding the future course of action remotely.


The journey began in 2020 with a focus on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. The duo initially explored applications in retail and manufacturing before a pivotal moment during the COVID-19 pandemic led them to revolutionize healthcare.

Transforming Medical Imaging with AR and AI

The turning point came when the duo realized the challenges in the health sector, particularly delays in obtaining critical imaging reports. Easiofy pivoted to utilizing their expertise in visualization to enhance the interpretation of CT, PET, and MRI imaging data. By incorporating cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI), they transformed complex medical images into interactive 3D models. This innovation streamlines surgery planning and decision-making for healthcare professionals. 


Easiofy is not stopping at revolutionizing healthcare in India. With recent product releases and successful deployments, the company aims to expand its footprint across private and public hospitals in India. The founders envision taking their innovative solutions to international markets, including Africa and Europe, with plans for North America.

From Career Break to Entrepreneurship

Meenal Gupta, reflecting on her inspiration, shared how a career break led her to the world of AR. The spark ignited when she encountered the magic of AR during a consulting job. The realization that many women with technical skills took career breaks fueled Meenal's vision. Together with Noor, who shared a similar passion, they founded Easiofy. Their journey is a testament to breaking societal norms and proving that technical prowess knows no gender.


Startup Challenges For The Female Entrepreneurs

Being an all-women team in the tech industry brought its challenges. Meenal highlighted the early skepticism they faced. However, they embraced it as a challenge, showcasing that an all-women team can excel in deep tech and healthcare. Their journey has been supported by a dedicated team and understanding families.

Leadership Lessons For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Reflecting on their journey, Meenal and Noor emphasized the importance of resilience, teamwork, and continuous learning. They encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, to dream big, embrace challenges, and stay authentic. The founders believe in the power of diverse perspectives and the unique impact women can make in the tech industry.

Easiofy's story is not just about pioneering technology; it's a narrative of breaking barriers, defying stereotypes, and leaving an indelible mark on the evolving landscape of healthcare technology. As they continue to innovate, Meenal and Noor stand as beacons of inspiration for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

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