What is Zoho for Startups? Hear From Zoho's Haresh Singh

Zoho's unique approach to startups extends beyond mere software solutions. How does it really support startups? Check out in this exclusive interaction with Haresh Singh, Regional Manager of Government Affairs at Zoho Corporation.

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In the ever-evolving world of technology, where startups seek not just survival but thriving success, Zoho Corporation stands out as a stalwart supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship. Founded over 25 years ago, Zoho has evolved from its roots as a small office, home office (Soho) into India's largest product company in the SAAS space. At the heart of Zoho's journey lies a steadfast commitment to MSMEs, startups, nonprofits, and enterprises.

Zoho for Startups

Zoho's unique approach to startups extends beyond mere software solutions. It's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to nurture, empower, and elevate emerging businesses. The company's initiatives encompass a range of support, from credit facilities to partnerships with incubators and startup training programs. Zoho's India-first approach, coupled with a people-centric ideology, has propelled the company to not only be a tech giant but also India's largest startup.

On the sidelines of the Trescon event, we had the privilege of sitting down with Haresh Singh, Regional Manager of Government Affairs at Zoho Corporation, to delve into the intricacies of Zoho's journey, its people-centric philosophy, and the unwavering commitment to startups and MSMEs. In this exclusive interview, Singh provided valuable insights into how Zoho navigated the transition from a time when technology was not at its peak to emerging as a trailblazer in the era where technology is everything.

Let's explore the details of this insightful conversation with Haresh Singh, shedding light on Zoho's strategies, profitability mantra, and the upcoming technologies that are set to shape the future of this tech powerhouse.

Zoho's Connection with MSMEs and Startups

Zoho, a company with a legacy spanning over 25 years, has played a pivotal role in India's startup revolution. Singh highlighted that from its early days as a small office, home office (Soho), Zoho had a deep commitment to the MSME sector, which constitutes 40% of the Indian GDP. Over time, the company expanded its focus to include enterprises but maintained a significant commitment to startups, MSMEs, nonprofits, and enterprises alike.

How Zoho Adapting to the Tech Boom?

Singh reflected on Zoho's evolution from a time when technology was not on the forefront to the present, where technology is paramount. He attributed this successful transition to the company's founder, Mr. Sridhar Vembu's ideology that technology should be people-centric. Despite challenges faced by the tech sector and businesses in India, Zoho remained resilient and is now recognized as India's largest product company in the SAAS space.

Zoho's Success Myntra

A standout feature of Zoho is its profitability since day one. Singh attributed this success to the company's focus on letting its work speak for itself, eschewing extensive marketing and advertising. Zoho's leadership identified the power of their products and solutions in attracting customers and building the company's reputation from scratch.

Singh emphasized Zoho's people-centric approach, both in terms of innovation and customer focus. He pointed out that being an Indian company, run by Indian people, Zoho has adopted an "India first" approach, contributing significantly to its sustained success.

Supporting Startups and MSMEs

Singh outlined Zoho's extensive involvement with startups and MSMEs globally. The company collaborates with various incubators, startup training programs, and third-party entities to provide credit facilities and assistance. Initiatives like "Zoho for startups" offer eligible entities highly discounted rates and essential applications and solutions from day one, crucial for startups managing initial costs.

Looking ahead, Singh shared that Zoho is actively working on an in-house AI program. He teased upcoming product solutions and partnerships, hinting at an array of exciting developments in the pipeline.

Addressing the question of transitioning to AI and other tech innovations, Singh highlighted that innovation has always been at the core of Zoho. Even before the AI boom, the company had integrated its own AI platform, Zia, into its products, showcasing its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Zoho's journey, as narrated by Haresh Singh, exemplifies a commitment to innovation, people, and a resilient approach to change. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global tech giant, Zoho continues to be a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of startups, MSMEs, and technological advancements.

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