PolitEco: What Will Change In 2024? Budget Impacts in 'Black & White'

Is Modi's 10th budget a strategic move for a 2024 return to power? Absence of populism signals a significant vote on account. Watch the Video on Budget Impacts in 'Black & White' with Bhupendra Chaubey.

Bhupendra Chaubey
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As the Modi government introduces its 10th budget, the nation witnesses a momentous occasion marked by exemplary confidence, hinting at a potential return to power in 2024. The absence of populist schemes and subsidies in this budget positions it as a significant vote on account, setting the stage for a strategic electoral approach. Examining the government's focus on four pillars – the poor, women, youth, and farmers– reveals a comprehensive strategy is worth the scrutiny.

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Jai Kisan: The Farmer's Perspective

Underlining the achievements of the Modi Sarkar over the last decade, the  budget emphasizes its commitment to the welfare of farmers. Schemes, discussions on social justice, and substantial government spending are showcased as evidence of the administration's dedication. From free ration distribution to 80 crore people to periodic increases in Minimum Support Prices (MSP), the government asserts its efforts to uplift the agricultural sector. Notably, the PM Gen money Yojana targets vulnerable tribal groups, showcasing the intersection of economics and politics.

Jai Anusandhan: Investing in Innovation and Technology

The government's focus on research and development (R&D) and technological innovation emerges as a critical theme. Initiatives such as the creation of a one-lakh-crore corpus with 50-year interest-free loans signal a shift towards fostering an inclusive ecosystem for innovation. By encouraging deep-tech technologies for defence and engaging manufacturers in the Make in India campaign, the government seeks to propel India into the forefront of technological advancements. The umbrella approach, including both major players like the Adani Group and smaller companies, aims to spur digital innovation and development.

Jai Jawan: Empowering India's Youth

Acknowledging long-standing criticisms regarding insufficient focus on research and development, the government takes steps to address the issue. The budget introduces a new scheme for strengthening deep-tech technologies for defence, encouraging indigenous production through Make in India campaigns. The emphasis on engaging both major corporations and smaller entities aims to create a balanced and supportive environment for technological advancements. This move is expected to be a critical talking point in both political and developmental discussions.

Nari Shakti: Women as the Driving Force

The budget reflects the Modi government's consistent effort to build a critical support base among women voters. Initiatives such as the Mudra Yojana, offering loans to women entrepreneurs, and significant enrollment of girls and women in STEM courses underscore the administration's commitment to women's empowerment. The introduction of the Didi formula in the budget seeks to build greater trust and community with the women of the country, marking a strategic approach towards solidifying the women voter base.

Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas: Transforming Lives of the Poor

Positioning itself as the leader of the poor, the Modi government highlights its transformative efforts over the last ten years. Initiatives like toilets for all, houses for all, and the promise of free electricity through solar panels aim to uplift the lives of the poor. The government challenges the notion of freebies by framing welfare tools as mechanisms for national development. The narrative suggests that India is on a trajectory towards prosperity, supported by international reports highlighting upliftment from poverty during Modi's tenure.

The way Modi government unfolds its 10th budget, it becomes evident that the Modi Sarkar is strategically positioning itself for the upcoming 2024 elections. By focusing on key pillars – farmers, innovation, youth, and women – the administration aims to create a narrative of inclusive development. The budget's emphasis on research, technology, and empowerment signifies a comprehensive vision for India's future. As the nation navigates through the complexities of electoral campaigns, the impact of this budget on various sections of society remains a subject of intense debate and analysis.

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