Top Startup News: Adani-Paytm Deal, HC's Decision On BYJU's EGM & More

Is Adani the next big investor in Paytm? What is the new startup policy of Jammu and Kashmir? And have you heard about the new innovation for Indian MSMEs? Find out all this and more about the latest startup news in this week's TICE bulletin.

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In the bustling world of Indian startups, where risks meet dreams head-on, there's always something electrifying happening. This week's journey through the startup landscape brings forth latest startup updates, Adani-Paytm talks, and new innovations that could change the world for Indian enterprises. Whether you're a seasoned investor sniffing out the next big opportunity or a hopeful entrepreneur nurturing your own vision, get ready for an interesting startup news dose. 

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Startup Spotlight: Top Startup News of The Week


Dunzo Given Two Weeks to Negotiate Settlement with Betterplace

The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has granted Dunzo a two-week extension to negotiate a settlement with Betterplace after Dunzo defaulted on payments. Facing financial difficulties, Dunzo aims to prevent further insolvency proceedings by raising funds to clear liabilities. Betterplace filed an insolvency application against Dunzo in February, prompting the extension. Dunzo, backed by Reliance Retail and Google, is currently in talks with investors to secure funds and stabilize its financial position. The company's liquidity crisis has necessitated changes to its business models to adapt to evolving market conditions.

CCI Extends Bidding Deadline for AI Impact Study

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has extended the deadline for bidding on an artificial intelligence impact study until June 18. The study aims to assess how AI influences competition, covering aspects such as personalized recommendations, anti-competitive strategies, and the impact of AI bias on consumer welfare. The extension follows clarifications issued by CCI regarding bidding procedures and eligibility criteria. With the deadline extension, bidders now have more time to prepare submissions for the study, which is expected to provide valuable insights into the intersection of AI and competition in the Indian market.

Adani-Paytm Acquisition Rumors Denied

Reports suggesting Adani Group's interest in acquiring Paytm have been denied by both companies. Despite media speculation, no formal discussions have taken place regarding any potential acquisition. Paytm, a leading player in India's fintech sector, issued a statement clarifying the speculative nature of the news item. Adani Group also refuted the rumors, categorically denying any involvement in acquisition talks with Paytm's parent company, One97 Communications. The denial comes amidst market speculation regarding potential strategic moves in the fintech industry, with Paytm being a key player in the Indian digital payments landscape.

Razorpay POS Launches Q-Zap Payment Solution

Razorpay POS introduces Q-Zap, a payment solution designed to expedite checkouts for retailers. The innovative solution aims to reduce billing time by 40%, streamlining the payment process for both businesses and customers. By integrating seamlessly with billing partners and offering self-checkout options, Q-Zap enhances operational efficiency and improves the overall customer experience. The launch of Q-Zap underscores Razorpay POS's commitment to providing cutting-edge payment solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses in India's dynamic retail landscape.

Honasa Consumer Acquires CosmoGenesis Labs

Honasa Consumer announces the acquisition of CosmoGenesis Labs, signaling a strategic move to bolster innovation in skincare. The acquisition brings together two key players in the Indian beauty industry, leveraging CosmoGenesis Labs' expertise in cosmetic formulation and development. Honasa Consumer, known for brands such as Mamaearth and The Derma Co., aims to capitalize on CosmoGenesis Labs' innovative capabilities to drive product development tailored for the Indian market. The acquisition aligns with Honasa Consumer's commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable skincare solutions that cater to the evolving needs of consumers.

Agnikul Cancels Maiden Rocket Launch

Chennai-based space tech startup Agnikul Cosmos has called off the maiden launch of its test rocket for the fourth time due to technical difficulties. The latest cancellation, attributed to issues with the rocket's igniter, underscores the challenges inherent in space technology development. Agnikul Cosmos, which aims to commercialize small satellite launches, faces complexities associated with its unique semi-cryogenic engine technology. Despite setbacks, the startup remains committed to validating its technologies and advancing its mission to democratize access to space through affordable and reliable launch solutions.

Panel Formed to Review J&K Start-Up Policy

The government has sanctioned the formation of a panel to review the draft operational guidelines for the Jammu and Kashmir Start-Up Policy, 2024-27. The initiative aims to foster a robust startup ecosystem in the region and promote entrepreneurship. Comprising key stakeholders from various government agencies and industry bodies, the committee will examine the draft guidelines and submit recommendations to enhance the policy framework. The formation of the panel underscores the government's commitment to supporting startups and fostering innovation-driven economic growth in Jammu and Kashmir.

RBI Launches Fintech Repository for Transparent Data Access

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched a comprehensive fintech repository to facilitate transparent access to data related to the Indian fintech sector. The repository aims to centralize information on fintech entities, including details of their operations and technological implementations. By aggregating sectoral data, the repository will provide policymakers and industry stakeholders with valuable insights into the fintech ecosystem. This initiative aligns with the RBI's efforts to promote innovation and strengthen regulatory oversight in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape, enhancing transparency and regulatory efficiency within India's financial ecosystem.

K’taka HC Extends Stay On BYJU's EGM Resolutions

The Karnataka High Court has extended its interim order, preventing Byju’s resolutions from taking effect until June 24. This extension marks the third granted in the ongoing case. Byju’s had filed a petition under section 9 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, seeking to restrain shareholders from holding an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on February 23. While the EGM proceeded, the court directed that resolutions passed not be implemented until March 13. With further extensions granted, the court continues to deliberate on the matter, providing temporary relief to Byju’s amidst ongoing legal proceedings.

Yatra Unveils AI-Powered Tool To Help SMEs, Large Enterprises Manage Expenses Efficiently

Yatra Online, Inc., India’s largest corporate travel services provider, announces the launch of its expense management solution. This scalable tool targets both international and domestic enterprises, aiming to streamline business expenditure management. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including GenAI Large Language Models (LLMs) for receipt analysis, the solution offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. It integrates travel bookings and expense tracking within a single platform, simplifying the entire expense management process. With advanced features such as multi-level approval processes and seamless ERP integration, Yatra’s Expense Management Solution sets a new standard for managing expenses effectively in today's business landscape.
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