How chaabi is Making Upskilling Easier for the Blue-Collar Workforce?

Are you ready for the future of workforce development? Check out how a startup is making upskilling the blue-collar workforce possible through WhatsApp?

Shreshtha Verma
05 Oct 2023
chaabi is Making Upskilling Easier for the Blue Collar Workforce

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Recent market analysis has revealed a staggering 73% surge in job openings targeting blue and grey-collar workers, underscoring the increasing demand for skilled labor across various sectors. A survey conducted by found that 92% of workers currently do not receive any vocational training. Moreover, 87% of these workers struggle with learning in English and Hindi. In response, developed AI-powered Vernacular Content to train individuals in their preferred languages, thereby facilitating personalized learning journeys aligned with their career aspirations.

chaabi WhatsApp Learning Platform, a startup with a mission to make upskilling accessible for India's blue-collar workforce, has launched a WhatsApp Learning Platform. This innovative solution promises to transform vocational training in India by offering AI-powered vernacular content in over 10 Indian languages. chaabi's platform enhances training accessibility and completion rates through a dynamic gamification approach, setting itself apart by providing limitless customization options, real-time data analytics, and intelligent user enrollment.

On the launch of chaabi's WhatsApp Learning platform, TICE got into an exclusive conversation with Puneet Dhiman, CEO, and Founder of In this conversation, Dhiman sheds light on the inspiration behind the platform and its potential to transform the Indian workforce. 

Addressing the Blue-Collar Upskilling Challenge

Puneet Dhiman explained, "Chaabi is solving one of the biggest problems that India faces, which is the upskilling of its blue-collar workforce. The idea is to help our blue-collar workforce be better at their jobs, future-ready, and more productive for the overall economy."

Punit Dhiman's Entrepreneurial Journey

When asked about his entrepreneurial journey, Puneet Dhiman shared, "I started my first company,, which focused on Indian handmade products. This is my second venture, almost after eight years of experience. I believe that working in startups allows you to grow faster, learn faster, and drive real change."

WhatsApp as a Learning Platform

Explaining how leverages WhatsApp for effective learning experiences, Dhiman stated, "WhatsApp is widely used among blue-collar workers. It allows us to deliver content in vernacular languages, making learning more accessible. WhatsApp's simple and familiar interface enables seamless learning through videos, quizzes, and self-assessments." provides clients with the benefit of content in vernacular languages. We use AI to convert text into natural-sounding language in over 10 Indian languages. This accelerates content creation and localization, reducing the time required from months to a day. aims to cater to blue-collar workers across India.

Puneet Dhiman emphasized, "The product is applicable nationwide. We target the most spoken languages in India, such as Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and more. Our goal is to expand and incorporate all other languages."

In terms of future plans, Puneet Dhiman shared, "Our vision is to upscale almost a million people by 2026. In the short term, we aim to achieve high retention rates and course completion ratios, ensuring that our training is engaging and effective."

Puneet Dhiman offered valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, saying, "The first step is to create the right product. Listen to your customers, iterate, and ensure the product is right for them before scaling."'s WhatsApp Learning Platform holds the potential to bridge the skills gap among India's blue-collar workforce, aligning their training with the demands of the modern job market. With its commitment to accessibility and personalization, is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of vocational training in India.



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